Has Manning Lost His Edge?



The 2014 Super Bowl raised some questions in many fans minds about Peyton Manning. Even after a record breaking regular season performance, many have voiced a concern over wheather or not Manning has lost his edge.

You would first have to know what his edge is/was, to know if it is gone.

  1. Peytons' edge begins with his ability to read defenses quickly by certain tells, and those tells differ from team to team. That's why the endless reviews of footage on his opponents is a steady diet, and that's something no one can take away from him. I'd say he still has that edge going for him.

  2. Having the ability to read defenses quickly offers him the opportunity to change a play into one he thinks will work better. He does this quite frequently, and because of that he must use hand signals to compensate for stadium noise. That has recently taken away a bit of his edge.

How often does Peyton change up what his hand signals mean? They should have taken part of the two weeks before the Super Bowl and spent it practicing a brand new set of hand signals! How about a set that was exactly opposite of the other set, & then switch it back after the half.

Seattle claimed that they had made it a "Mission" to anylize Mannings signals, and that they had "Figured them out" and knew what Peyton was going to do almost as quickly as he did! Just think of how frustraiting that would be for Manning! Has he lost his edge in that category?

Is Manning the only person who studies tape? There is a lot of tape on Manning. After all these years of teams studying tape on Manning has he become predictable? Many people say yes, But! The but is that as predictable as he can be, his ability to execute the play has been at a high enough level that it didn't matter.

Well, it mattered in the SB where reading Peyton may be the only edge Seattles D needed. Imagine being able to know exactly what Peyton called before the snap! Did he change half the plays at the line? 75%? Is the Seattle Ds' claim actually true? It sure looked like they had his number!

What do you think?

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