Richard Sherman - A Not So Thug Life

This may be tired and outdated now but I wrote it after the NFC Championship and wanted to share it with more Seahawks fans. I'm a Jaguars fan but I've been a huge fan of Sherman for years and admire the Seahawks defense and organization, not trying to spam just want to share it. Let me know what you think.

I was in the back row of my plane early Tuesday morning – a connecting flight to Boston, via Las Vegas – when I heard my Charlotte based flight attendant go on a disturbing rant about Richard Sherman.

"I’m just personally offended," she muttered in her thick southern accent. "He better be fined, I’m going to write a letter."

I knew what she was talking about immediately. Had I not watched any form of media beyond the NFC Championship post-game interview however, I would not have known.

I saw the interview live and I thought nothing of it. I have been involved in football as long as I can remember; trash talking is a part of the game. Upon hearing the now infamous interview with Erin Andrews, my only thought was that my long time favorite defensive player –who just made me a lot of money- was expressing himself as a competitive football player.

I have admired Richard Sherman particularly, and the Seahawks defense, for years as a student of the game.The Seahawks run a unique defense that would intrigue anyone who has at least an above average football IQ, and Sherman is the ringleader; a tall bruising cover corner rather than the prototypical short speedy one.

As I listened to this stereotypical, ignorant, southern woman talk, I realized it would take a person who truly has never had any real involvement in football to make a big deal of this interview. I also realized how big of a deal the Super Bowl is. If this had happened in the Wild Card round, this woman would not have known about it. It would not have gotten anywhere near the media attention it is getting.

Let’s flashback to Week 11 – when my favorite stewardess’ home team beat the Patriots – and Panthers icon Steve Smith had a little bit of trash talking to do after the game. Smith called Patriots cornerback Aquib Talib "another notch in his bedpost," and famously told him to "ice up." Do you think this woman – who is from the city the Panthers actually play in – took issue with that? Do you think she even heard about it?

The Steve Smith rant was a big story but not even close to it in the same way Sherman’s interview is. It was taken as trash talking, which is a part of football. The Panthers won the game, Steve Smith played big, and he earned the right to run his mouth. America understood.

America did not understand this time around because Richard Sherman was following up a conference championship game, not a regular season game. There was also a much broader, lower football IQ audience – such as my southern flight attendant.

She ranted about it for what seemed like forever to her fellow flight attendants. Again, I was in the back row and she was apparently unaware (she said many other dumb things the entire flight) that everyone in the back row could hear her ramblings in the flight attendant lounge. While she spoke of Sherman being a "thug" and writing him letters my friend next to me realized what was going on and had to remind me that we were on a plane and I couldn’t say anything to her. It was difficult.

This is not even to mention the new development that Sherman was congratulating Crabtree on a "hell of a game," and Crabtree reacting by hitting him. Crabtree isn’t a "TV guy" though so he was probably just being nice and trying to avoid any audio of him being recorded.

Sherman responded to critics on Wednesday saying that calling somebody a thug is "now the accepted way of calling somebody the "N word." He is right in a way. My Southern flight attendant friend was absolutely thinking a lot of words she didn’t say out loud. That’s life. If you don’t believe this, you’re wrong.

Sherman is not a thug. People hear "Compton" and think thugs and gangs immediately but it’s not 1992 anymore. Compton isn’t an solely an awful gang ridden area anymore. As someone who has lived in LA and has been to Compton recently, I can attest to that. Anyone who has lived in LA can attest to that. Anyone who isn’t ignorant can attest to that. Sherman does not even sound remotely like a thug when he speaks. Thugs do not typically articulate that well, nor do they graduate from Stanford. If you have ever met a gang member, you know that Richard Sherman is far from one.

I hope that woman does write Richard Sherman a letter. He probably won’t read it but I really hope he does. And I hope he responds to her the same way I did when she was reading the life-vest instructions.

"Excuse me, I have a question. Shut the fuck up."

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