Why Not Us? Dynasty in the making.

I was watching the young man on the David Letterman show earlier (you know the one, he is the QB for some football team here about) and he was telling the story about his father. The one where he called his teammates together and challenged them with the prospect of a SUPERB OWL by asking "Why not Us?" and I had a thought "what the hell are we doing here?" The Steelers did in during the seventies; the Niner’s in the 80’s and even the Bronco’s to a degree with the horse at QB. They say it can’t be done in the new ‘Cap Age’. Some kind of geological status that renders the event impotent as if you can’t play QB at 5’11" or you can’t hoist the Lombardi from SE Alaska. I ask why? Let’s quit whining about the "CAP", find our pants and get this done. WHY NOT US?

PC and his staff in the FO went back to work today. Admittedly they are taking a day off again tomorrow for some kind of parade but they went to work to defend the owl, we should too. We have some work to do but we have some help as well. We can do this and put rings on more fingers for years to come, we just have to change our attitude and keep asking ourselves, "Why Not Us?"

Everyone wants to play for the Seahawks. It hasn’t always been such. The NW corner of the country has long been a backwater for any sport, especially professional ones. But this is the team that FA’s and young players full of dreams want to play for now. They can see the hardware that resides here; they see the flashy finger rings. PC is a coach that everyone wants to play for. He makes football fun! It rocks! You have a chance to prove yourself every day. Why Not Us?

We have the team to do it. It is a young team, one of the youngest in the league. They are good, they are the champions. Every member of our team has SUPERB OWL experience. They are still learning the game; most of them are so young they have no right being on top already, where do they go from here? Why Not Us?

We have a QB every GM would kill for years to come. We have dynamic WR’s that are still learning how good they can be, Tate, Kearse, Baldwin, Lockette. Percy is locked up under contract for years to come and he is one of the youngest as well the one that spread fear throughout the NFL. We have the "D". LOB, need I say more. Three pro bowlers there and another that would be if he had started and played at the level he has displayed since BB went out all year. We have the depth there with Thurman, Simon and Lane. Don’t forget that BB is still a HAWK after his suspension in another four games. Our LB corps is underrated and surprising. The Super Bowl MVP resides there and he isn’t even one of the starters. Why Not Us?

We have another year with Avril and Bennett is the primary target of our FO to resign for the next year. Mebane can dance as well as anyone. We have backups galore. On the offensive side Beast Mode lives here and I understand there are few others, anyone say Christine, Coleman? Okung anchors one side and there is young promise in the interior with the "B" boys. Why Not Us?

We have the coaching and FO. PC/JS is a force to be reckoned with in the entire league. They have proved the understand how to evaluate talent, how to manage a roster. Our assistants are top notch. Owners throughout the league salivate at the prospect of luring them to be HC. They are all staying another year at least it seems. We have the owner. He is someone that has proved he can run and invent a successful investment and enterprise. He is sold out on Seattle. Why Not Us?

We have the fan base. Not only is the 12th Man world famous for its support and enthusiasm for our HAWKs but there are expanding into every locale worldwide. We have the best team blog anywhere. Go Field Gulls! Why Not Us?

Our CAP position is not so bad just yet. If we have to lose Rice, maybe Clemmons and Bryant we free up millions. We can lock up Bennett, Tate and ET for many years and deal with RUSS and the others next year and be looking good for a long time. PC/JS need only find a couple of gems each year to fill in the depth chart and plug and play in spots. There will be no wholesale roster make overs as we have seen over the past 4 years. Why Not Us?

I don’t know about you but I have more than one finger. I need more rings for them. I have heard some of my friends to the south complain that we cannot be relevant until we have a handful. I don’t need to prove anything to them as WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS now but I want no prisoners, no excuses. Why Not Us?

Come on Field Gulls. Let’s put out pants back on and go to work. I know, I know but in a few months we can lose them again. WHY NOT US?

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