Super Bowl Enemy Reaction: Denver Broncos (Includes Bonus "Other Teams" Reactions!)

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl and did so with stunning ease. I was originally not going to do an Enemy Reaction until:

A.) You guys asked for it both on Twitter and on Field Gulls.


B.) I saw the post-game reactions from Denver Broncos fans of Mile High Report. The same ones who were so sure that the Seahawks would lose by multiple scores and that Moreno was better than Lynch.

If the game was close I'd have added the positive Denver Broncos plays/TDs/FGs when needed. Sadly for them, their best play came after falling behind 36-0, so they get nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nil. Just like the number of points they had for 44 minutes and 59 seconds. Let's get to the game thread action from both Field Gulls and MHR ... oh, and I've involved a couple of other teams, too. Each image you click on (and I suggest opening them in new tabs) can be zoomed in so you can see if YOU made it into Enemy Reaction this week.

Manny Ramirez gives Seahawks a lead they would never relinquish (2-0 SEA)


Game manager Russell Wilson game manages 37 yard pass to pedestrian Doug Baldwin, leads to FG (8-0 SEA)


Peyton Manning overshoots Julius Thomas but hits wide open Kam Chancellor (8-0 SEA)


Beast Mode gets his touchdown (15-0 SEA)


Cliff Avril drives Orlando Franklin out of the stadium, leads to Malcolm Smith pick 6 (22-0 SEA, with BONUS reaction from Pride of Detroit)




Percy. Harvin. (29-0 SEA, with BONUS reaction from Daily Norseman)



Demaryius Thomas fumbles the ball, recovered by Malcolm Smith (29-0 SEA, with BONUS reaction from Arrowhead Pride)



Jermaine Kearse goes Beast Mode on half the Broncos defense (36-0 SEA, with BONUS reaction from Silver and Black Pride)




Doug Baldwin crosses goal line with football, befuddling Cris Carter (43-8 SEA)


The Final Seconds (43-8 SEA)



Post-Game: "The whole damn team is practically Peyton Manning now!"

What a joke. What a disgrace. The whole damn team is practically Peyton Manning now. I don't like it one bit. If he sucks, the Broncos suck and there ain't no plan B. He's about as mobile as Kyle Orton and if you pressure him he does his best Jerry Lewis impression out there. Too bad this team ain't well rounded on offense, you know, like a plan B of a solid running game. A balanced attack like John Elway and Terrell Davis had.

Elway should have known, shouldn't he? You can't rely on a QB-even a great one-to be the whole effin' show.

But oh no, we're gonna be this finesse "pocket passing" Omaha!? Omaha!? crap. Take your Omaha and stick it where the sun don't shine pal. I want a damn rushing attack, some play action passing... but we won't get that as long as Pumpkinhead is running the show. - PP Dublinski via Horvil Tiki. Dublinski actually picked the Seahawks to win.

Post-Game: Have the Denver Broncos peaked?

If you assume the Broncos make it back to the Super Bowl in the next year or two, a glimpse at the NFC shows a great likelihood of a matchup against the Seahawks, the 49ers, or even the Carolina Panthers. Three teams that all share similar traits; young mobile QBs, quick and hard hitting defenses with elite talent, and the ability to run the ball in a variety of ways.

Without a shift in philosophy, it's hard to imagine that a matchup of the Broncos against any of these teams would go much differently than this past Sunday. The same issues in the loss to Seattle would likely rear their heads against San Francisco or Carolina. If the true goal is to win a title, the front office should be looking long and hard at the current roster and team philosophy. - Jeff Herrera from Predominantly Orange.

VIDEO: Broncos fan (in 2014!) recorded the game on VHS and shattered the tape after Kearse TD

VIDEO: Same guy produces Crow video afterward, eventually turns it into rant about Rockies

VIDEO: Drunk Broncos fan goes on wild, nonsensical, NSFW tangent on Seahawks


And so we've reached the end of another NFL season. Pete Carroll has cemented himself as the greatest coach in Seahawks history (sorry Holmgren), the 2013 Seahawks have etched their name into the ranks of the greatest defenses in NFL history. This is unquestionably the best team the franchise has ever had, and it's netted them an unforgettable Super Bowl victory over an offense that broke just about every single positive record imaginable.

Perhaps it's fitting that Seattle's 1st Super Bowl win was against Denver. The rebuild effectively started when Tim Ruskell traded down in the 2nd round to pick #49. Denver moved up to #37 and also gave up its 1st round pick in 2010. Ruskell chose Max Unger, who was eaten alive by "Pot Roast" on Sunday, but is now a two-time Pro Bowl center. Denver chose Alphonso Smith, who flamed out of the NFL. The disintegration of the 2009 Seahawks and the epic collapse of the 2009 Broncos sent Ruskell packing and set up Carroll and Schneider to take over. They drafted Russell Okung and Earl Thomas, arguably the best free safety in the NFL if not the best defensive player outright.

On September 4th, 2014 the NFL's Thursday kickoff game will signify the beginning of a new season and the road to Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona. The Seattle Seahawks will be playing on opening night in front of the best fans in the league, hopefully Walter Jones will raise the 12th Man Flag, and you'll see "2013 NFC West Champions", "2013 NFC Champions", and "Super Bowl XLVIII Champions" all at CenturyLink Field. And it's going to be glorious.

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