A seahawk fan in a strange land....

Wow that really happened! Wanted to share my strange journey from Seahawk fan in the most unusual places to scoring a ticket of a lifetime.

I grew up in New York and my dad's side of the family were Jets fans and mom's side were Giant fans. In 1978 when I was 9 two things happened the Seahawks beat the Jets and I really liked there uniforms and in November the Miracle at the Meadowlands happened and after that game I told my dad (who was laughing like crazy at the in laws) that I was a Seahawk fan. He dismissed it as just rooting for a team when it was convenient his words I swear.

Rooting for the Seahawks on an East Coast town back then meant if the Seahawks were involved in a close game that ended after the game you were watching you had to wait until the next day to see if the team had won. I had a paper route for several years and couldn't wait to open the first paper before I left to see the final score. (For those under 25 we had no ESPN,internet, etc) I still have an old 10 Seahawk jersey (with no name on the back) from 8th grade since we were shocked the store actually had a Seahawk item.

1983 was glorious we were in the playoffs and I could watch whole games (instead of seeing the score flash by on the sports report on the local news or maye 1 highlight) I remember how ugly the Kingdome looked (sorry guys) but will never forget the shot of Dolfan Dan holding his sign in disgust after the game. I expected many more playoff conquests soon. My Jets family miraculously converted to Raider fans and laughed as the Raiders squashed my dreams.

It was interesting as I was young since people would ask are you a Jets or Giants fan and I would say Seahawks and I would get a quizzical look and the conversation would change subjects.

After college I got a job and moved to San Diego. I was in heaven since my company had great seats and I could actually go to my first Seahawk game (13-10 OT win). Unfortunately he had a rule about rooting against the Chargers with "his" tickets and that was my last Seahawk game in San Diego (lucky for me since they lost the next 4 there)

I married the love of my life (a packer fan from Wisconsin) and spent many Sundays biking and got to see the occasional game (division rivals got priority for out of town games but the 90's Seahawks were not a big draw) Her brother told me this guy Holmgren was good.

I relocated to Northern California and had started a family so time demands usually meant catching up on ESPN Football tonight but seeing the team improve steadily. A near civil war was created with the wild card game in Lambeau (witnessed live by my brother in law).

I had attended 6 seahawk games in the 3 california stadiums (boy those Raiders are a friendly bunch) and got to see the new Qwest stadium for the 2005 Rams game (I can pick games to go see live). Until 3 weeks ago my top football highlight was watching the NFC championship game in Tahoe and couldn't believe I was going to watch them in the Super Bowl. I have never watched higlights or a repeat of XL (although I will in the future since we are champs now)

As my kids got older I told them that I chose the Seahawks they could choose which ever team they preferred. Look dad the niners look like a great team. I have a niner and redskin fan at home.

This year was magical I had a huge party for the Sunday night slaughter with many a niner fan having to go home early a beautiful sight. Had to wear a Kapernick jersey to my daughters school after the loss here. As Sherman tipped the ball to Smith I was jumping up and down and than had to comfort my 12 year old girl crying on the couch. I had pulled an old Galloway jersey out on a hunch for that game.

I quickly got on the computer to take advantage of the teary eyed niner fans cancelling their NYC flights and got a frequent flyer flight and was able to stay at my brother's place 10 miles from Metlife. I held off getting a ticket once the commish said he may move the date ?!? since my flights couldn't be changed.

The day before the game I arrived groggy (thanks big guy in seat in front of me bouncing on my knees) and tried to get a ticket but couldn't find the right combination of price and location. I had a craigslist ad stating I was looking for the dream ticket of a lifetime with my cell#. I got a fateful text at 2:15AM when I was up for no good reason. Someone had gotten sick and there was a 3rd row 50 yd line seat if I could get to the midtown offices by 9AM the next morning. I paid $500 over face value (fees and taxes) with my CC and kept checking the seat viewer to see if I was sitting where I thought I was. I picked up the ticket went to the game and saw the ultimate game for my team with the best seat in the house. I am truly the luckiest fan in the world. The stadium was insanely loud (not as loud as the CLink when I was there but impressive for a soft super bowl crowd) I believe many corporates bailed on their tickets and true fans got a hold of the tickets in much higher ratios than usual for a super bowl. I told my wife and family how much I loved them (yes even the niner fan) and enjoyed a magical experience. Have a holder for the ticket on order and will play the video of me screaming like crazy at the end of the game whenever I feel down.

Thanks for being a great site for info on the Hawks and giving a magical trip to that kid who made the fateful decision to root for this team all those years ago.

KJ Smith

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