#12 is all over SBXLVIII



I was reading through the comments after reading Rob Davies' latest, when the subject of the significance of the number 12 came up in the stats. So I started looking into it... and I kept looking into it... and I kind of got sucked into it...

So let's have some numerology fun!

This was the Seahawks' 12th postseason victory, coming in Super Bowl 48. 4+8=12

The Seahawks won their 1st Super Bowl on 2/2/2014. 1+2+2+2+1+4= 12

SB48 is the 4th time Denver has worn their Orange jerseys(and lost the SB). 48/4= 12

The Seahawks scored 12 seconds into each half.

Percy Harvin wears #11 and his touchdown in the first 12 seconds of the 2nd half was his 1 TD in the game. 11+1= 12

He had 137 official total yards and 1 TD. 1+3+7+1= 12

Broncos' #66 botched the first play of the game. 6+6= 12

Marshawn Lynch scored the first Seahawks touchdown with exactly 12 minutes remaining in the half when the clock stopped.

He wears #24 and had 15 carries. 2+4+1+5= 12

He finished the game with 39 yards. 3+9= 12

Russell Wilson wears #3 and had 18 completions on the day. 3+1+8= 12

#3 had 2 TD on 25 attempts. 3+2+2+5= 12

He passed for 206 yards. 6x2= 12

He was born 11/29/1988. 1+1+2+9+1+9+8+8= 39. 3+9= 12

He was drafted at #75. 7+5= 12

Jermaine Kearse wears #15. He was targeted 5 times for 1 touchdown. 1+5+5+1= 12

Golden Tate wears #81. He had 1 kickoff return for 20 yards. 8+1+1+2 = 12

Doug Baldwin had 66 reception yards. 6+6= 12

The MVP, Malcolm Smith(12 letters), wears #53 on our defense that had 4 turnovers on the day. 5+3+4= 12

Ricardo Lockette wears #83. He had 1 catch. 8+3+1= 12

Luke Willson wears #82. He had 2 receptions. 8+2+2= 12

Seattle had 12 third downs.

They had 6.2 yards per play. 6x2= 12

Their official ToP was 31:53. 3+1+5+3= 12

They were up 36-0 in the 3rd quarter. 36/3= 12

They were up 36-0 in the 3rd quarter when they were scored against the only time in the game. 3+6+3= 12

They had 8 passes defended and 4 QB hits. 8+4= 12

They scored 43 points. 4x3= 12

The Broncos lost the ball 4 times. They lost the game by 35 points. 4+3+5= 12

This was Manning's 12th post-season loss.

I'm sure there are more. If you find more, post them below, and I'll update this list when I find more on my own.

Some of these numbers came from the article(and comments) I mentioned above from our friend across the pond, so be sure to check out his article.

This is my first fanpost, so I'm learning the formatting. Also, I had gifs of each TD, but only one would work for some reason. I'll put them in the comments section.

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