Let's do it...for Payton!!!

It's been a week since the Metlife massacre.

While we were celebrating our first super bowl victory the rest of the football world got busy with this QB legacy issue or lack thereof.

It seems that when a great legend has the best offense the NFL has ever seen around him he is expected to win the SB no matter who he faces. Failing to do so in such an overwhelming fashion has put a huge stain on said QB legacy shirt. The fact that he was facing the 2nd youngest team in SB history with zero SB experience has added to the perceived stain.

It's important to mention that said legacy shirt was not stainless before that eventful super bowl. While it's true that he has set quite a few NFL records in the regular season, he has added 3 more in the super bowl. The most passes completed by a QB in the SB, The most passes completed to a single receiver in the SB and…The most post season loses by a QB.

Still, it seems that this particular one has become a huge stain on that legacy shirt that will just not go away.

As the parties mainly responsible for that stain I believe we need to do something to amend for our part in tarnishing that legend.

And, I have an idea what we can do to rectify it.

It is true that losing that way to the 2nd youngest team in SB history is not a highlight moment on the legacy video and maybe we can help change people's view of that event. The youngest team to even go to the super bowl were the early 70s Dolphins. They have lost that super bowl but came back to win it the next year. That gave me the idea who we can reduce the legacy stain. It was that next year that have placed the dolphins in the pantheon of football. On that next year the Dolpins had the perfect 17-0 season that has never been repeated ever since. (Yes, I know, NE almost did it but they failed in the most basic of superbowl goals – defeat the Manning)

I think the answer should be obvious to all by now.

We need a worthy goal to fuel our repeat year and we are guilty of needlessly staining that legacy shirt so what if we….


It was done by the youngest team to ever reach the SB and should be done again now by the youngest team to ever win the SB.

Remember, we don't do it for our petty selfish needs. We do it so that when people mention this SB as a reason to doubt a great legend of the game the answer will be – "Well, he was facing the Seahawks and they went 19-0 the next season so we can't blame him for it".

One great legend losing to another even greater legend is not a stain. It's a badge of honor.

Let's do it…for Payton.

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