Lands Yet Traveled

As last season progressed I could feel it in my gut, my bones, crawling across my skin listening to Brock and Danny in the morning.

The Seahawks were going to win the Super Bowl. I knew it. It was the same feeling I got when I heard about Russell Wilson for the first time. I knew he was going to be great, perhaps all-time great, and that he would be on Seattle's team. Call me a liar if you want but the three players I wanted going into the 2012 draft were Russell, Bruce Irvin, and Robert Turbin. I'm not joking you. I didn't know if we'd get them all but I knew they were the guys I would try and pick if I were the Seahawks.

With QB in hand it felt fated, destined. The winds of chaos would not deter our swift wing beats, we would pluck the right threads and fly onward toward fortune. And so it came to pass.

It is a platitude to say that football glory is impermanent. In more ways than one. After the crushing of the Broncos I was drained and giddy, but I was also struck by a sudden emptiness. Regardless of what happened next we got ours. That's our name on the list of champions... Scoreboard. Haters step off. Punks step up to get knocked down. Sorry receivers will be neutralized with extreme prejudice. Still, I couldn't help but have this overwhelming feeling of "what's next?"

It was almost depressing. Looking down from hallowed ground, out over the lush evergreen valleys and peaks of our home, I wondered what frontiers we had not yet seen. After a month plus of reflection I have a few ideas:

  • Russell is going to get better and better. His final form has yet to be revealed, but we will get to see some brilliant and beautiful ball for quite a while. Sure, his running will gradually evaporate. But the Vegas-level escapes will be supplemented by increasing poise, precision, vision, and mastery (hard to believe he could actually get better at some of that but I think it'll happen). He could be the most efficient QB of all time. He could win a fistful of rings and/or MVPs. He's in many ways more gifted than Peyton has ever been, and I think he's got a similar type of drive, intelligence, and work ethic. I think he's more clutch and resilient too. If Peyton is maybe the best we've ever seen, what is young DangerRuss? I can't wait to find out. Maybe this is the peak. But I seriously doubt that.
  • That Broncos game was a tune up. Last season was probably the iffiest chance we were gonna have for 4-5 years. We showed up. I simply refuse to believe we will falter now. Get ready for more "uncompetitive" "boring" SBs. Tough for the rest of the nation. This is our time. Pete and John said they wanted to do it better than anyone ever and they are/will continue to.
  • I don't believe in jinxes, not with the power of PMA and the 12th man. Sure I believe in chance and chaos and powerful types of magic that sometimes turn narratives in on themselves or crush them. I don't however believe that those forces can stop a unified and enlightened program such as ours. Anything can happen and I'm so grateful for what already has. The record books are something that bad luck or injury can't erase. We can hold onto 2013-2014 if that's all we get.
  • This is not the time to be modest in our ambitions. I'm going to say some crazy things now. 19-0. Three peat. Needing two hands to count Lombardis. This is what lies ahead. I think the team knows this too. They won't shy away. Bring on the hyperbole and accolades we are gonna earn em. In the salary cap era. With less than 30 pass attempts a game. With a beast and an extra-terrestrial and a god among men and a host of warriors the likes of which haven't been seen since the woefully unbalanced days of the 80s and 90s.
  • Big Balls Pete is coming to take your lunch money and then win triple that on a Sex and the City slot machine.
We all we got. We all we need. Go hawks. Sorry 4 the offense if y'all can't handle the real talk I'm running.
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