The Songs of the Seattle Seahawks

Music is the lifeblood of Seattle. Sure, many may also think of coffee, rain, technology, and Tom Hanks love stories, but those are all auxiliary to the fact that music built this city. Seattle and the surrounding area are replete with inspiration, so it comes to little surprise that musicians have focused their songwriting on things other than their local football team.

In fact, there currently seems to be a dry spell for Seahawks-themed fight songs, but that may all change now that the city has its first Lombardi trophy. During the mid-80s, there was a string of songs put out by 12s of yesteryear. What holds true in all of these jams is the blind optimism that feeds the true 12th Man.

I've embedded all the songs I've been able to find for everyone's listening pleasures. I think the first song, "It's Not Nice to Boo", serves as a reminder of how bad things used to be... I'm mean let's face it, if we have to remind fans that it's not nice to boo your own team, there must not be a lot of winning going on.

So fellow 12s, enjoy the wondrous Wilson-age that we live in. Perhaps we'll even be treated with a Hawks-inspired track on Macklemore's next LP. But for now, we have these gems to enjoy and pump us up in the off-season. Seriously, how can you not get excited when "the Seahawk Wave is a'rolling, rolling?"

"It's Not Nice to Boo"

If Kreig doesn't throw the ball well,
Or Turner misses it twice,
Shake your head, shrug your shoulders, or roll your eyes,
But don't boo because booing isn't nice!

The Seahawks don't like to lose,
Just put yourself in their shoes,
You're out there doing the best that you can do,
Make a mistake and everybody starts to boo,
How would you like it if it happened to you?

"The Seahawks Wave"

"Seahawks Locker Room Rock"

"We Got The Team (The Seattle Football Team Song)"

Listen here via Josh Lovseth's great site, Sound On The Sound.

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