So what if we don't?

We are the champions and we should be happy.

And yet, a week before the FA frenzy starts and we 12s are stumbling in the dark with so many questions waiting for answers.

Will we be able to resign Bennett and Tate before FA begins? At what cost?

What about Clem and Miller? Are they staying for now or will there be more departures before FA begins?

Is there a chance to get resign Breno? Thurmond?

Things are happening. Talks are held, drafts exchanged but we are not a part of any of it. We sit in the dark looking for clues as to what the future will bring.

It's not the happy anticipation to see what golden nuggets the draft will bring. It's not last year waiting to hear what new players JS will get in FA to boost the roster. It's sitting and waiting to hear what we can salvage out of the amazing 2013 SB champions team. The pain of losing Red has set the tone. Nothing good or happy comes out of it even if it's the smart thing to do.

We crave good news. We are hungry to hear this guy was resigned, that guy was restructured. We want them all back knowing we can't.

We feel like the fans of the NFL champions after winning the Lombardi.

That is actually a new feeling for us all. I'm not sure we were ready for it so let's take a deep breath and ask the big question –

So what if we don't?

What if Bennett wants a king's ransom and Tate thinks he is CJ? What if Breno and Thurmond find takers and won't be back? What happens then?

Let's see:

First and foremost – We are still the champions till February. It counts.

We have a rather decimated defensive line after loosing the McD's, Bennett and Red, we have only 3 legitimate receivers and an offensive line that was not that great last year and just lost its starting right tackle.

The Linebackers are fine, the secondary will remain the best in the league, the running backs are great, RW is there to lead us, we have 17M cap space and 7 draft picks to work with.

We are basically missing 5 pieces in our puzzle:

Right Tackle – Bowie/Bailey or draft.

Left Guard – See above plus Carp.

WR – Pleaseeeeeeeeee draft Jordan Matthews. He has the size and speed etc. and he is the hardest worker and the most seahawky player in this draft. Have Lockette and the CFL wonderkid compete for the last spot.

DE pass rusher – We are left with Avril and Clem. Not that bad. We can draft a Kareem Martin or a Scott Crichton to compete at training camp.(Add Irvine to the mix?)

DE run stuffer – We have Jesse and Scruggs coming back to fight for it and we can get a late rounder to compete too.

That doesn't sound that bad. It's not great news but if this is the worst there is I can live with that. After all, other then those 5 positions, the rest are all SB champions.

Not too shabby.

Ohhh, did I remember to mention that we have a full season of Percy to maybe look forwards to?

And that there are 17M dollars burning a hole in JS's pockets? (It took just 10M last year to get Avril and Bennett). Bennett is either back or he becomes the Seahawks spokesman – Play a year at Clink and get a huge contract afterwards.

Same SB winner head coach, same SB champions offensive and defensive coordinators, continuity helps too.

The clouds have parted and the bright rays of the sun shine upon the home of the SB champions once more.

I'll just sit here and let JS and PC do what they do best – build a championship team…AGAIN.

This should hold me for a day or two till the doubts and worries start creeping back.

How are you holding up 12s?

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