The Four Options for #32

With about 65 days left until the NFL Draft begins, I have decided to give my two cents in on four prospects I believe will be in play for the Seahawks in the first round.

With such a deep wide receiver class, I do not believe that one needs to be the pick at #32 unless either Beckham or Benjamin are there. This I do not see happening as both had great Combines and showed enough tape to warrant mid first consideration. If WT3 is brought back, CB will also not be a need, while our LB corps are pretty much set for the time being.

Running back, Quarterback and Safety are all filled properly and for many years to come with young talent. That leaves us with the offensive line and defensive line. Both units have dealt with injuries over the past year, as well as attrition due to financial concerns. One starter needs replaced on the DL (Bryant), and currently upgrades could be found for both Giacomini and even Carpenter, as his health concerns continue to mount.

With this in mind, I give you my two offensive lineman, and two defensive lineman that could help Seahawk repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Option 1: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Tony McDaniel and Brandon Mebane were both ineffective this season, an upgrade in the interior pass rush is greatly needed. Donald showed while at Pitt that he can line up at all four spots on a DL, accumulating sacks from DE, NT and DE. He would even be dropped into coverage on occasion with zone blitzes.

Aaron showed his playmaking ability with 11 sacks this season, and a NCAA leading 28.5 tackles for loss. A career 27.5 sacks and 65 TFLs, show that this was not a flash in the pan.

While short, checking in at 6-1 he has good weight for the position at 285lbs, with the ability to be in the 290s. His low center of gravity and active hands allow him to have an impact.

For Seattle, Donald could replace either McDaniel or Mebane, making the offense account for an additional pass rusher in the "prime location" in the Carroll defense, the 3 technique pass rusher. Being single blocked by defensive design will allow Donald to see more favorable match-ups and help his growth as a pro.

Is Donald likely to fall? No. After destroying the Combine, Donald is now in play for Dallas, Denver and any other team needing a DT. A dream prospect, but one that will probably not come to fruition unless certain individuals fall.

Option 2: Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee

Giacomini will most likely be a cap casualty, but stood to be upgraded anyway. Richardson is similar in size to Breno, adding an inch and 15 pounds. His effort and his tendency to stand upright in his stance need to be corrected, but anyone that can corral Clowney, Ealy and Sam needs to be considered at this juncture.

While playing LT for Tennessee, Richardson will be a better fit as a RT in the pros, possibly moving to guard if he struggles to pick up the playbook for RT, which would not be out of the precedent for the Seahawks (Scary similar size and weight to Carpenter). Lackluster hand placement and ability on the second level blocking are issues that need to be address, especially with the zone scheme run by Seattle, but he can be coached up.

If nothing else, he will seamlessly replace Giacomini his rookie year, with his 35" arms and brutal 36 reps showing his strength.

Option 3: Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

Moses has already been discussed here, Aaron Sims Scouting, so I will not rehash much of his findings.

The 6-foot-6, 315-pounder has a nice combination of size and athletic ability. Moses did a solid job on the blind side for Virginia in 2013 and performed well at the Senior Bowl. He moves well for his size and can open holes in the ground game.

For the NFL, Moses could have higher upside at right tackle. He does have experience at RT, playing there when Obushi was playing LT for Virginia.

He is a conditioning issue however, which needs to be monitored closely. He looks soft, and plays like it in the run game, where he does not always bury his man, allowing them to escape. With his 35 3/8" arms and great size, this should not happen with the frequency it does. If he can put it all together, he is a steal here.

Option 4: Trent Murphy, OLB, Stanford

At 6-5 and 250 at the Combine, Murphy may seem undersized for a DE, but bear with me. With Hill and Williams on roster, it seems as though we could replace both our 1 technique and our 5 technique in house. Now, Murphy looks slender to my untrained eye, and is evauluated as being "Naturally big-boned with a good frame to add bulk if desired" - Nawrocki. If this is indeed the case, adding 20lbs to his frame should not be much issue. Who else on the roster is around 6-5 and 270? The rapidly departing Michael Bennett. If Murphy shows improved strength at his pro-day, he only pressed 225 19 times, his stock should come to about this level.

In 2013, Murphy put together 15 sacks, 24.5 tackles for a loss, 62 tackles, six passes batted, one forced fumble and an interception returned 30 yards for a touchdown. He led the nation in sacks this season. He has also posted over 30 sacks for his career. His great technique and relentless motor have helped him produce at both 3-4 OLB, 5 tech DE and 3 tech pass rusher for the Cardinal.

He does have issues with getting washed, the Notre Dame game is proof of this, but all in all he shows up well and is a great teammate to have. The ability is there, as Carroll will be able to attest to seeing him when he coached as SC. Plus, he will play his former college coach twice a year, which we have shown is always added incentive.

This is my wildcard, but favorite pick for the Seahawks. It brings in a player that can add a tremendous amount of weight in a season, as well as currently being a rotation player from Day One. An instant starter can be hard to come by this late in Round 1, so playing for the future with these picks could play great dividends.

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