"I’m probably going to call it a career." - Michael Robinson and the demise of the FB

As many football fans have noticed the fullback is becoming something of a dinosaur, even with the Seattle Seahawks running wild on teams and winning Lombardi Trophies, the league is changing. Here are a couple of great articles from that outlines the demise and fall of the fullback for the UN-initiated.

Wherefore Art Thou Fullback? - Football

Full Back Report - Football

Michael Robinson might be calling it a career as reported by the Seattle PI. After 9 years in the league, time may have caught up with this former Penn State Quarterback. Michael Robinson was drafted in the 4th round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the San Fransisco 49er's. He was converted permanently to Fullback.

Scot McCloughan was hired by the Seahawks June 22nd 2010, McCloughan rejoined the Seahawks after having spent the previous five seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. One of the players Scot brought to the attention of the Seahawks was Fullback Michael Robinson, who was Signed by the Seattle Seahawks September 6, 2010 after being released by the San Francisco 49ers.

Michael Robinson lead the Seahawks to a Playoff win against New Orleans during a 7-9 miracle of a season, he and Marshawn Lynch talked about being in synch step for step, and help establish a veteran presence. Michael Robinson ends his career with the Seahawks with, 50 Games Played, 29 Rushing attempts for 133 yards and 0 Rushing Touchdowns, 32 Receptions for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns regular season stats, with 1 receiving touchdown in the 2012 playoffs.

NFL Turning Point With Marshawn Lynch and Michael Robinson

Marshawn Lynch Anatomy of a Run "Beast Quake" Saints vs Seahawks Playoffs.

He also wasn't without his controversies, especially crown of helmet rule.

Now for historical perspective.

Prior to Michael Robinson arriving in Seattle the de-facto Fullback any Seahawk fan would think of(in the modern era) would be Mack Strong. Mack Strong was a 15 year NFL Vet that played every snap of his professional career with the Seattle Seahawks. He became a fixture for all Seahawks fans for his dedication, work ethic, personality, and never quit attitude. He remains in everyone's hearts today through memory and as an occasional media personality. Mack Strongs Career stats are 201Games Played, 230 Rushing attempts for 909 yards and 5 touchdowns, 218 Receptions for 1456 yards and 10 touchdowns.

When it was clear that Mack Strong was on his way out, due to a long and prosperous career, Leonard Weaver was being groomed to be his replacement. Leonard Weaver was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an Undrafted Free Agent in 2005. Leonard Weaver never lived up to the expectation and was allowed to leave in Unrestricted Free Agency and signed with the Eagles in 2009. Leonard Weavers Career stats, 46 Games Played, 80 Rushing Attempts for 356 yards and 1 touchdown, 60 Receptions for 547 yards and 2 touchdowns.

After the retirement of Mack Strong and the Leonard Weaver "experiment", was the year of Owen Schmitt, a fan favorite around here for sure. It was 2009 and everyone was excited by the bloodied beast from West Virginia. What people may not realize is that this is Owen Schmitt's stat line with the Seattle Seahawks, Games Played 30, Rushing Attempts 5 for 21 yards and 0 touchdowns, 12 Receptions for 50 yards and 1 touchdown. Owen left us after 2009 to replace an injured Michael Weaver on the Philedelphia Eagles.

For those that remember Justin Griffith actually started in place of the departed Leonard Weaver, he unfortunately was more forgettable then then aforementioned Owen Schmitt, His Seattle Seahawks Career stat line, 13 Games Played, 4 Rushing attempts for 6 yards and 0 touchdowns, 19 Receptions for 118 yards and 1 touchdown.

BONUS: John L. Williams Seahawks Career Stats. I didn't add him at first because I was only going back 20 years since the modern day Fullback is a whimper of its previous self, commenter's believe he should be included though so here it goes! Games Played 123, Rushing Attempts 1148 for 4579 yards and 17 touchdowns, 471 Receptions for 4151 yards and 16 touchdowns. As you can see his stats blow even Macks out of the water who played for 7 more years then John L. Williams 8 years with the Seahawks. Just goes to show you the "demise of the Full Back"

With all this in mind, if this is truly the end for Michael Robinson, where you do rank his performance? What are your favorite Michael Robinson moments? What are the things you will miss most about him? And what do you think his impact on the game has been? Does Michael Robinson have a lasting legacy in the NFL? And does he deserve to be mentioned as one of the all time great FB's?

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