Who are people mocking to the Seahawks?

ESPN really likes Tuitt to the Seahawks

I've done a poll on who the Seahawks should draft, so you can go look at that here. What I want to do is look at some of the picks that other mock drafters are giving Seattle, and then give my take on all of their projections. I'll also be showing who's off the board and on the board in these picks to give some context.

McShay: Stephon Tuitt, 5-tech, Notre Dame

Off the board: Cooks, Moses, Shazier, Latimer, Bitonio, Hageman, Benjamin

On the board: Bryant, Easley (injured, but they might take a look at him), Moncrief, Su'a-Filo

My thoughts: I like the look of this pick on the face. Tuitt has good upside, has shown good production at Notre Dame, and he's a potential replacement for Red Bryant. But there's one problem; we can get players like that later. We don't even need a replacement that bad. We've got a proven producer at that spot in Michael Bennett, and a guy with good upside for that position in Greg Scruggs. I'd think that Bryant would be a better pick at this point, and so might Su'a-Filo.

Kiper: Stephon Tuitt, 5-tech, Notre Dame

Really just copy/paste the on/off the board stuff from McShay here.

My thoughts: Copy/paste my thoughts too. But there is one interesting difference; while I'm not a big fan of him, Jordan Matthews goes off the board to the 49ers at pick 30 in this mock, which means that Kiper sees Matthews as a fringe first rounder at worst. It's interesting to think about. I know that there are some avid Matthews fans on Field Gulls, so I thought this was worth a mention.

Charles Davis: Xavier Su'a-Filo, G/T, UCLA

Off the board: Hageman, Shazier, Bitonio, Benjamin

On the Board: Latimer, Bryant, Moses, Moncrief, Easley

My thoughts: Really Davis? I get that Su'a-Filo's a good player and a good athlete, but right there you've got a player that perfectly fits the offense of this team in Cody Latimer. It's not that I don't like Su'a-Filo, it's that I I love Latimer as a prospect and an athlete. This mock was a while ago, but it was still almost a month after Latimer's pro day, and he should have had plenty of time to watch all of Latimer's tape.

Daniel Jeremiah: Xavier Su'a-Filo, G/T, UCLA

My Thoughts: Jeremiah hasn't updated his mock in three weeks, so I'm not going to read that much into it, but I did want to provide a link to this video to show why Latimer could last this long. McShay and Kiper had Latimer going at picks 26 and 27 respectively, so he's not completely out of range.

(This may not be the best time to bring it up, but I could see the Seahawks trading up slightly to pick 27 to get ahead of the Panthers and the 49ers. It's not that big of a move, all it would take would be a third round pick next year. With all the compensatory picks that they have coming next year (presumably) it wouldn't be that big of a move in draft capital, and it would get up ahead of both the Panthers and the 49ers, both of whom will be looking at OL and WR. The Saints' needs would be able to be met by any player at pick 32, and they'd have more draft capital next year. The Panthers especially need what the Seahawks do, and if PC and JS want to, it wouldn't be unreasonable for them to make this slight move.)

Walter Football: Joel Bitonio, G/T, Nevada

Off the board: Shazier, Su'a-Filo, Hageman, Cooks, Benjamin

On the board: Latimer, Bryant, Moses, Moncrief, Easley

Can't really complain here. It's between Bitonio and Latimer for this pick in my eyes, and I can really see either.

There are lots of mock drafts out there, so I'm just going to post some results here and give general thoughts as a whole. Su'a-Filo x3, Morgan Moses x2, Ra'Shede Hageman, Kelvin Benjamin

Bleacher Report: Tuitt

Rant Sports: Su'a-Filo

SB Nation: Cyrus Kouandjo

So the general consensus is that Seattle's going to take someone who operates in the trenches, on either side of the ball. I was surprised to see that only one person had the Seahawks taking a pass catcher (especially with Mocking the Draft's obsession with Jace Amaro for a couple months). I definitely understand that sentiment, but one thing needs to be addressed in that scenario, the Seahawks only have 2 receivers under contract for 2015, and one of them is a guy from the CFL that no one knows that much about: Chris Matthews. I don't like that situation. The Seahawks have a need on the offensive line, but they NEED wide receivers. Two of the players we have now at the position have been susceptible to injury too boot, only one has been reliable.

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