Receivers After the Second Round

Nebraska's Quincy Enunwa is one to watch out for in later rounds

Okay, this is really going to focus on guys that I haven't heard much about on Field Gulls. Most people seem to want o-line in the first round, and some want to look for a defensive lineman or LEO/SAM in the second, so what's after that?

Kevin Norwood:

This is one of my favorites. I don't think he'll last long into round three, so this would likely only happen if we traded out of the first round, or bundled some of next year's picks to trade back into this year's draft. Norwood has been a consistent performer for Alabama, if not the most productive (81 catches in his career there) he was overshadowed by Julio Jones and Amari Cooper as the #1 receivers in Tuscolusa, so we can't expect him to be anything more than a #2 receiver, but do we really need any more than that? Russell doesn't play favorites with his targets. He'll throw to whoever's open or is in position to make a play. Norwood can be that guy.

(check out the play at 1:43)

L'Damian Washington:

If you want a more professional opinion on Washington, check out Matt Waldman's analysis here. The basic gist is that he's a tall, fast guy with upside to be an AJ Green type player. Obviously he's a long way from realizing that potential, but it's there. I like the look of him in the fifth round or later. He's kind of like Stephen Williams in that he's best on straight 9 routes.

Quincy Enunwa:

Enunwa is a player that flashes at you. He'll make plays like this and this and this, but sometimes he has trouble catching the ball. At other times he won't be able to win with his route running, and he lets some throws into his body. But once he has the ball?

Me want.

I'd like him anywhere after the third really, even in the late third if we trade back in. I wouldn't be surprised to see he's our fourth round pick (make that fifth, I don't want any more 4th round receivers). His issues are coachable. He has tons of potential, He seems to be a "Latimer-lite" with a little more shake after the catch. I dunno, I like him.

Bruce Ellington:

If you can't tell, I'm borrowing a lot from Matt Waldman here. He's brought my attention to lots of these guys over the past few months, and not just these guys, he's also taken a look at Blake Bortles, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Isaiah Crowell, who's one of my favorite backs in this draft.

Ellington reminds me a lot of Golden Tate. He's a little smaller than Tate, about an inch that is, but just as thick. I do want bigger receivers in this draft, but I wouldn't mind a guy like Ellington, and I don't think he's getting enough love this offseason. He doesn't have the best speed, but he's tough, and has good balance and quickness. His Combine results weren't too bad either. A fourth or fifth round pick would not be amiss here. (really from here on, that's mostly where I like these guys)

Jared Abberderis:

Damn, I just cannot get away from Matt Waldman can I? His pieces are really good and do provide a ton of insight, you should totally go read them. But I digress; Abberderis is one of the best route runners in this class, and, while not incredibly fast or explosive, is a really hard worker who has even worked with a certain shorter-than-average Quarterback. He may not have the upside of a L'Damian Washington or Quincy Enunwa, but he's a more sure thing than lots of other receivers in this class.

Brandon Coleman:


But seriously, I had to at least take a look at this guy. And while I'm not as high on him as, say, Rob Staton is, that size and speed do make him really intriguing to say the least. He's got a tremendously high ceiling, and a tremendously low floor.

Shaq Evans:

While it would be really nice if he were the size of THE Shaq, he's still got enough size at 6'1" and 213 pounds. He'll make a really hard catch, and then drop an easy one, but that's coachable, especially when you're working with a QB with better mechanics and more consistent accuracy (PS, I like Brett Hundley as a prospect, he's got a good arm, but his mechanics can be really inconsistent). He could be a reliable move-the-chains guy, like a bigger ADB, but with less fire. He's got good athleticism, but nothing game-breaking 4.5 40, 34.5 inch vert, 122 broad, all good, not great.

I realized after I posted this that at least one person was going to ask me about this guy, so here goes:

Jeff Janis:

I love his athleticism, I really do. 4.4 40 at 220? Yes please. He's also got a 37.5 inch vert and did 20 reps on the bench. But that's pretty much all there is to him. He out-athleted everyone in division II football to get the stats he did. He could be good, but I wouldn't put any money on it. He has really inconsistent hands, doesn't play to his size or speed after the catch, and is an unreliable blocker, you never know when he's going to actually try.

(note, this tape is absurdly long, but it's the only comprehensive tape that he's got out there)

I've been one of the biggest proponents of drafting a wide receiver with one of our first two picks. But looking a little deeper in this draft I really do start to understand the depth at the position that there is this year. Guys like Kevin Norwood and Quincy Enunwa (seriously, on upside alone this guy should be much higher rated) are all good prospects in their own right, and the difference between them and the guys above them is marginal at times (just look at Quincy Enunwa and Cody Latimer, lots of similarities). I'm really looking forward to this upcoming draft to see what the WORLD CHAMPION SEATTLE SEAHAWKS are going to do this year. (now if the dang thing would just get here it's be perfect, I'm starting to run out of ideas)


These are some of the guys that I don't think are going to make it to the third round, but I would be interested in getting in the second:

Jarvis Landry, Donte Moncrief, Martavis Bryant, Kelvin Benjamin (late second, he screams bust), Jordan Matthews, Davante Adams, Allen Robinson, Paul Richardson

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