What do the Seahawk's new draftees bring to the table?

So, who're we going to get?

It’s very well known, or at least, I know very well, that I like to use good tape more than bad tape. It shows more about what a prospect CAN do. I think it’s good to know what a prospect can’t do, so you can scheme around that, but I want to know what a player can contribute. Is he fast, strong, big, quick, reliable, smart, or savvy? Because I can have a place for him on my team if he does something well. The LEO position is a perfect example of this. LEOs are pass rushers. That’s what they do, sure, they have to be able to not be obliterated in the run game, but for the most part the LEO is supposed to get to the QB. So, what do the newest Seahawks bring to the table? (This is only the new draftees, not the UDFAs)

Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

Man, this guy is fast. I know that this point has been made over and over again, but I still can’t get over how fast he is. Seriously, he’s almost on Percy’s level, at least in straight-line speed. Richardson’s also got one of the fastest releases, like what Aaron Sims covered in this article about Allen Robinson. I go a lot more in depth about what I think about Richardson here (yes, that’s a copout, but I want to get to some of the other newbies).

Justin Britt, OT, Missouri

I still don’t know what to think about this pick. He’s not especially athletic, and apparently Cable fell in love with him watching him play Clowney. I really just don’t really know what to think here. Britt does have good technique, and he’s got good length, and he’s a good athlete (about a 101 pSPARQ), but I like a different pick later much, much better.

Cassius Marsh, DE, UCLA

If he bulks up about 20 pounds and becomes a DE/DT he’ll be quick enough and strong enough to really be a special player. He could be that Michael Bennett type of player, or something pretty close to it at least. Michael was undrafted, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for Cassius to be something pretty good. This isn’t one of my favorite picks, but he’s got upside, and he seems to be a very hard worker (also has that personality that we lost when Moffit left).

Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama

I loved this one. Norwood is one of the most polished receivers in this draft. He’s so reliable, some of the best hands in this draft, right behind Landry and Latimer. He’s also really good at the scramble drill, which will blend nicely with Russell’s style of play, he’ll be where he needs to be on routes, and be able to adapt when the play breaks down. Now, he’s not the most athletic WR out there, but he’s fast enough with a sub 4.5 40 time, though he only has a 33 inch vertical jump. He is fantastic at high pointing the ball, and really knows how to maximize his frame when making the tough catch.

Kevin Pierre-Louis, LB, Boston College

When I saw the name I knew I remembered it from somewhere, and what d’ you know, it’s because he’s one of the most athletic linbackers in this class. He’s not as fast as Ryan Shazier, but he’s quicker. His shuttle time is almost two tenths of a second faster than Shazier’s and his 10 yard split was just as fast. This looks like a replacement for Malcolm Smith when his contract comes up, just bigger and quicker.

Jimmy Staten, DT, Middle Tennessee State

I have…no idea who this guy is. He seems pretty athletic, and he’s naturally strong, but I can’t even find workout tape. He was named honorable mention in conference USA, and he seems to have injury problems, his season high was 50 snaps in a game. But he was voted a permanent team Capitan, so he must have high intangibles.

Garrett Scott, OT, Marshall

This guy is a heck of an athlete. A 3.5 z-score is just insane. Couple that with 34 ¾ inch arms and you’ve got someone that could be a pass blocking master. He’ll be able to compete for the LT job in just a couple of years, but he does need to change his mentality when it comes to run blocking, choosing to be attacked instead of attacking himself will not work in the Seahawks’ scheme. That said, his upside is immense.

Eric Pinkins, CB/SS, San Diego State

Who likes big hits? Well, since we’re all here, and we’re all (or a least most of us are) Seahawks fans, I guessing most, if not all of you do. Pinkins is really raw in coverage, but he’s also a really big hitter who really fits the Seahawks’ scheme at either corner or as a backup for Kam. He’s not as tall, but he’s thicker than Brandon Browner, and he’s got some pretty good speed to boot. He’s got a 39.5 inch vert, and did 25 reps on the bench. The more I look at him, the most I love this pick.

Keiro Small, FB, Arkansas

Man, oh man, I love this guy. All 5’8 1/2" of him. He’s one of those players that just makes you want to root for him, and it’s especially awesome that it’s a homophone for ‘quiero’, meaning ‘want’ in Spanish (if you didn’t already know that). He's got incredible power, and has the best leverage in the league to boot. He doesn't have the length that the Seahawks have shown they like, but he's got a ton of heart. Small's also not a bad athlete.

For the rest of these prospects I posted videos of games that they played, but I’m not going to do that here. I’m going to post something that you’ve already seen, just because it’s so damn awesome.

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