Seahawks undrafted free agent signing bonus numbers reported

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Jeffcoat, Pulu, Dixon & Gilliam got nice signing bonuses to come to Seattle.

The Seahawks' undrafted rookie free agent signing bonus numbers have now been reported, courtesy of the always excellent Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. As Condotta notes, four players received over $12,000 each, the bulk of the ~$80k allotment that each team is given, with Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat and Eastern Washington defensive tackle Andru Pulu each receiving $15,000 to sign with the team.

John Schneider mentioned after the Draft that they had had a sixth round grade Pulu, a former UW transfer to Eastern Washington, and Pete Carroll noted that they went hard after Jeffcoat, who Carroll had tried recruiting out of high school to USC. The money total Jeffcoat and Pulu were given is indicative of two things, I would surmise: the Seahawks highly valued them, and/or they faced some competition from other teams also throwing some money their way.  As we noted prior to the Draft, Schneider and Carroll put a lot of emphasis on and place a lot of pride in their UDFA recruiting.

Last year, John Lotulelei received $25,000 to sign, which was the highest total any team gave to a UDFA in 2013. He stuck with the roster out of camp but was eventually waived, and he ended up in Jacksonville. The team also gave big bonuses to Craig Wilkens ($12,500), who was eventually waived, and Kenneth Boatright ($12,500), who is still with the team.

Here's the list of signing bonuses doled out this year:

DE Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas, $15,000
DT Andru Pulu, Eastern Washington, $15,000
TE Chase Dixon, Central Arkansas, $12,500
OL Garry Gilliam, Penn State, $12,000
QB Keith Price, Washington, $7,000
S Dion Bailey, USC, $5,000
OL Bronson Irwin, Oklahoma, $3,500
LB Brock Coyle, Montana, $3,000
CB Jimmy Legree, South Carolina, $1,000

It's worth noting that Schneider said the team had sixth-round grades on both Chase Dixon and Garry Gilliam as well, and gave both of those players nice signing bonuses to get them to Seattle. Gilliam in particular looks like a nice move, with the announcement that sixth round draft pick Garrett Scott has a rare heart condition that will keep him from playing football for the foreseeable future.

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