Who makes the cut? My premature guess at the 53 man roster.

I saw that flashy spinner trolling through the murky depths of and decided to click on a Terry Blount article.

We all have weak moments.

I thought I would generate a bit of discussion regarding these picks and see what you guys might think about my proposed 53 man roster. Did I leave someone out? Did someone somehow make it on this roster, astonishingly, like the fact that someone is still paying clipboard Jesus to hold his clipboard? Please leave any comments below and let me know what you think!

Quarterbacks - 3

Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, Terrelle Pryor.

I don't think Keith Price, an undrafted free agent, has what it takes to usurp a former starter (albeit, for the Raiders) with massive physical upside... this year. He might have what it takes in the long run though, and I think PC is giving him a shot at that. Starting from next year's training camp, and in preparation for life after T-Jack, Pryor and Price will be in an all out war to see who becomes a career long Russell Wilson back up.

Running backs - 3

Marshawn Lynch, Christine Michael, Robert Turbin.

I think Turbin just has too high of a floor for the Seahawks to outright release him. If you add in all his runs that weren't called back due to holding penalties on the opposite side of the line, his stat line would be a bit more favorable. He graded out poorly, but his blocking is too reliable for him to be a goner. Where does that leave Spencer Ware? Unless his blocking improves greatly, enough for him to supplant Turbin, I think it's between him and Coleman that don't make the cut. Who can provide more on S/T? Who has more upside? The answers: Coleman and Ware, respectively, and we all know what the Seahawks value most from their backups.

Fullbacks - 2

Derrick Coleman, Kiero Small.

Two fullbacks?!?! Are you kidding me? You're going to dedicate two roster spots to an obsolete position? I know your unconventional, Seattle... but c'mon!

The way I see it is this: Coleman has proven to be reliable in his special teams coverage and very serviceable at the position when used as the starter. Although not a fullback in the traditional sense, he has decent vision (control yourself... no heightened other senses jokes...) and can catch balls off of teammate's helmets very well. Is he a full-time, career-long starting Fullback? Probably not. A guy who could be that though is Kiero Smalls. His frame, skill set, and pedigree scream fullback and he could be a downhill boulder on special teams. If Kiero still needs time to adjust and learn the system, he can be utilized on special teams and hopefully come in next year and start. If not, he's a starter and Coleman could be either expendable if necessary or a special teams beast.

Tight ends - 3

Zach Miller, Luke Willson, Anthony McCoy

Not a whole lot new here. With the roster spots needed at wide receiver, three tight ends are about all we can afford. I'd like to see a lot of 12 (1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR) personnel and even some 13 personnel (1 RB, 3 TE, 1 WR) this year. If McCoy is back to his pre-predicted-breakout 2013 year form, having all three of those guys on the field at the same time will create some great mismatches, not to mention Willson's growth potential. As one of the fastest starting/backup tight ends in the league, although I'm sure there are some 3rd string or practice squaders with a higher .40 time, he provides a great amount of upside if he can turn into as great of a blocker as Miller is. Picture a tight end, catching a deep pass 15 yards past any defender, and not being caught up with before reaching the goal line! Throw in Percy or Richardson on 13 sets, or even both of them in 12 sets, and you've got a loaded box with one-on-one match-ups down field. I like our chances.

Wide receivers - 6

Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Paul Richardson, Kevin Norwood, Sidney Rice

Here's where it gets dicey, and by dicey I mean knives being thrown at me, trying to dice me like tomatoes in a fresh batch of salsa. Plenty of arguments will be made regarding the receivers that make our roster, but the fact that we have 12 on the roster now means that we're going to have to break some hearts later.

Does Rice still have enough gas in the tank? (Or, a better question, cartilage left in his knee?) Given his knowledge of the playbook, the possibility that both Richardson and Norwood turn into non-factors, a very real possibility given the time needed for some receivers to adapt to the NFL, and the fact that he's still only 27, I don't see us moving on from Rice. We're all hoping for a 100% recovery from Harvin, a three headed machine of Harvin/Lynch/Wilson, and epic kickoff returns like that sloppy drop kick the Broncos tried in the Superbowl; but, let's be real guys. There is a chance he may not be active some games, and, just as any team will tell you: injuries happen. Having a player with Rice's leadership, veteran savvy, and ability to make those clutch red-line plays could be crucial for us. If he's not 100% by the start of the season, I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the PUP list. Then, if someone happens to catch the injury bug, we're not decimated once we hit the real meat of our schedule and he can come in after week 6.

Additionally, I'm a major proponent for Kearse and predict him to have a stellar season (or, at least as stellar as one could have while on the run-happy Seahawks; for ADB's sense, would the opposite of run-happy then be pass-angry?). I'll be bold and predict him to double his regular season production last year... something in the range of 44 rec, 700 yds, and 8 TDs. Even if you disagree with me, I at least hope that you hope that I am right.

Regarding the other picks, I'm sure nobody disagrees: Harvin who? Okay, we'll allow it. Baldwin, but only if he's not grown complacent. In Richardson we trust, as a certain FG'er has proclaimed? And Norwood, the future, unsung, pedestrian.

Offensive linemen - 9

Russell Okung, Max Unger, James Carpenter, J.R. Sweezy, Michael Bowie, Justin Britt, Lemuel Jeanpierre, Alvin Bailey, Greg Van Roten.

The locks are obvious, but we have a very interesting battle between the last spot or two. Jeanpierre is almost a lock due to his versatility and ability to play center, while Bowie is up there for the same reason. Alvin Bailey showed promise and I don't see the team moving on from him. This leaves one spot, unless the team opts to carry 10 lineman. I went with with the guy with the cooler name. Always go with the guy with the cooler name...

Defensive ends - 5

Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Greg Scruggs, Benson Mayowa, Cassius Marsh.

It's so hard not to put Jackson Jeffcoat here. I think there's very little chance he clears waivers and he'll likely end up on another team. There certainly was something that every team knew but didn't let out, and that's why he went undrafted. It is noted, though, that the Seahawks threw a good amount of money at him as a signing bonus, indicating he was likely to be a highly sought after UDFA. After seeing what he's able to do in camp, will someone else be willing to take a chance? My guess is yes.

Defensive tackles - 4

Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniel, Jesse Williams, Jordan Hill.

I don't see how a slightly unconditioned Jimmy Staten can come in and compete with redshirted Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill. I find it unlikely that we carry more than 4, and Staten will likely land on the practice squad.

Linebackers - 7

Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Malcolm Smith, Bruce Irvin, Heath Farwell, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Korey Toomer,

I think if the Seahawks were going to cut Farwell, it would have been done by now. As it stands, it looks like we'll have our special teams stalwart and locker room leader around for one more year. KPL is going nowhere, even if he's not ready for action, as there's no way he lands on the practice squad. I hope he can come in and contribute on special teams because we're going to need him to fill in when SBMVP Malcolm Smith takes a bloated contract next year. As for Toomer, I hope he gets a shot. He's been perpetually injured and, if healthy, should be able to compete and do well in spot duty. Just like McCoy and Thurmond, we've kept him around through injuries for a reason...

Cornerbacks - 4

Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, Tharold Simon

Eric Pinkins to the practice squad? It is questionable why this big, Seahawky cornerback somehow made it to the 6th round when all these other tall, rangy defensive backs were picked far too early in such a copycat league. I questioned whether or not to add him here, and perhaps subtract a linebacker, but the team seems to like carrying seven linebackers typically and I don't see that changing. This may be, in part, because of our trust in KJ Wright and our other linebackers in coverage. Staying in 4-3 rather than changing to nickel, allowing that extra linebacker to drop into coverage instead of an extra defensive back, would seem to be beneficial if that linebacker proves to be sufficient in coverage. There is a chance Pinkins gets picked up when put on waivers, but I see him making it to the practice squad as a future Legion member.

Safeties - 4

Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Jeron Johnson, DeShawn Shead

How is it that writing is supposed to go? A catchy introduction, mountainous build-up in the middle, and a quality, arcing conclusion to satisfy the reader? Well, I failed, and this last bit is nothing more than expected. If we're to believe all of the information surrounding Kam and his surgery, having a viable veteran backup will allow for minimal drop off in production if Kam misses any time. Deshawn Shead is, likewise, necessary insurance for our all-pro ET.


There you have it! You just got 10 minutes closer to the 2014 season while reading this! (unless you skimmed, you lazy cheater!) It can't come soon enough, but hopefully this sheds a bit of premature light on what we may be seeing this fall. Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

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