Wild playoff expansion idea

So playoff expansion is coming....I feel like proposing a bit of a wacky idea that will never happen but if your goal is a fair system that creates more football it would fit that bill.

I will start off by saying I dislike the current 12 team system because I find it unfair to division champions who don't get byes and am not a fan of wildcards in any sport that plays an unbalanced schedule. The 14 team idea just makes what I dislike about the current system even worse. Second I'd like to say that my preference would be to ditch wildcards and either just let the 8 division champs in (if you can't win your division why should you get to win the conference or league?) and could be convinced to let the top 2 teams in each division in (16 total with no byes) but 16 teams is still unfair to division champs in my opinion because they deserve a bigger edge than simply home field in the playoffs so instead I propose a 24 team playoff (I said it was wild)....Here goes....

8 division champs make the playoffs and are seeded 1-4 in each conference. They get a bye and are guaranteed 1 home game.

8 second place teams get in and are seeded 5-8 in each conference. No home games are guaranteed, if their opponent has a better record they go on the road.

8 third place teams get in and are seeded 9-12. If they have a better record than the seed they are matched up with they will host the 1st round match up.

Home field goes to the record not the seed with the exception of round 2 where every division champ gets a home game.

Using last years bracket would've look like this.

8) Cowboys (8-8) 8) Titans (7-9)

9) Cardinals (10-6) 9) Chargers (9-7)

1) Seahawks (13-3) 1) Broncos (13-3)

12) Falcons (4-12) 12) Jaguars (4-12)

5) 49ers (12-4) 5) Chiefs (11-5)

4) Packers (8-7-1) 4) Colts (11-5)

11) Lions (7-9) 11) Dolphins (8-8)

6) Saints (11-5) 6) Steelers (8-8)

3) Eagles (10-6) 3) Bengals (11-5)

10) Giants (7-9) 7) Jets (8-8)

7) Bears (8-8) 10) Ravens (8-8)

2) Panthers (12-4) 2) Patriots (12-4)

I know this lets some lesser teams in (Falcons/Jaguars obviously) but what is great about it is that division champs get truly rewarded and you aren't picking teams using 'apples to oranges' comparisons, teams qualify based on their season against mostly common opponents and the playoffs than separate with record so that having a better record still rewards a team.

Not only that but when you look at it most of the teams aren't that underserving compared to teams that have made the playoffs in the past.

I know its crazy and would never happen but it would be interesting. And frankly I'd rather see this than the current model or the 14 team model we are gonna see. This would be ridiculously entertaining IMO and would actually increase the importance of divisional play and winning your division which I always support.

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