A Debate that has Raged for Decades

Football vs. Women

In a world full of many pleasures, methods of entertainment, and other materialistic attitudes, very few things have as significant of an impact on us men as football and women. Often times, said female does not care about football, and won't watch with us. Fortunately, as long as we still make sure to spend time with her afterwards, these two can normally coexist.

Sometimes though, the woman actually enjoys football. She is a dream come true for most of us, especially if she is a diehard fan of the same team. It is the perfect scenario.

But this world is far from perfect, and often has a sadistic sense of humor:

See, I go to college at Alabama, so there aren't exactly Seahawks fans here. In fact, I have never met a true Seahawks fan in my entire life. Well, I met a girl through a mutual friend in May, who happens to be really attractive. We only briefly met, but there was definitely some chemistry at work there. We chatted easily, and she seemed genuinely interested. She even came from California to go to school here (which is great with me, I don't fit in with the south as well as I should, considering I grew up here).

I didn't think much of it, until our mutual friend sent me a text a couple of days ago saying that I had made quite an impression on this girl. And the next day, California girl was following me on twitter.

Living by myself for an internship in another state, I typically have nothing better to do, so I started stalking mindlessly strolling through this girl's twitter timeline to get a little bit of a glimpse of who she was. She doesn't tweet often, so it didn't take long to go back quite a few months. When I hit May, she had quite a few tweets regarding the NFL draft, some going as far back as the 6th round. Needless to say I was quite impressed, and understandably a little excited.

Upon arriving in January, there were many tweets about Alabama, and her hatred for Auburn, so I'm really beginning to like what I'm seeing... and thats when the sky fell.

She was tweeting about the NFC Championship game, passionately supporting the Niners, and making good use of the hashtag #BeattheHawks.

Anyway, its been slow news lately, and frankly I'm tired of hearing about Marshawn. Hope this provided a little entertainment and some insight into the life of a displaced 12th man. Once I have some money to my name, I promise Im coming up to Seattle for my first game within a few years! (and if I've fallen into some sort of twisted relationship with the girl in the story, I might make her come too).

Go Hawks!

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