PFF predicted the Seahawks 2014 roster and...

there are some issues. It should be noted that this is not a final 53 man prediction as they have 62 players listed. Here's the link to their post.

I would be genuinely surprised if the team went into the year with 3 QBs. Pryor is either going to be cut or traded at some point. I also expect that if another team doesn't give him a call, Keith Price will be put on the practice squad.

This list has the Seahawks with 3 fullbacks, which is simply not going to happen. Most teams don't even utilize fullbacks anymore, and the ones that do, like the Seahawks, don't make them key parts of the offense in this new passing NFL. Whoever is the FB isn't going to get many carries or passes thrown their way, but will be asked to be a lead blocker for Marshawn or sit and protect Russell. This leads me to believe that they may keep two fullbacks, probably Small and Ware, with Small getting the majority of snaps.

Their receiver group prediction has a few issues. Besides the fact that they misspelled Bryan Walters' name, they also have him making the roster as the 7th WR. IF the Seahawks do keep 7 receivers, Lockette has to be the frontrunner for that last spot. He's not going to have much of an impact on offense but he and Jeremy Lane make up arguably the best ST gunner duo in the league. Again though, that's if they keep 7 on the 53, which is highly unlikely.

The offensive line set up doesn't look too bad other than Van Roten and Schilling making the team. I'm not saying they can't or won't, but there will likely only be 9 OL on the 53 going into the season, and they are definitely on the outside of the bubble.

On the defensive line, I can't see Jimmy Staten, D'Anthony Smith, or Schofield making the roster. A name they didn't include and should have is Benson Mayowa; I really liked Mayowa in preseason last year and I expect him to make the team this year.

I expect the team to go into 2014 carrying 6 linebackers, none of whom is named Mike Morgan or Heath Farwell. The name that this PFF writer omitted is Korey Toomer, another player I really liked last year and has impressed coaches throughout the early offseason training. If the team decides to keep the special teams captain Farwell, they may keep 7 LBs and cut from another position group.

There will be 5 cornerbacks on the team come week one: Sherman, Maxwell, Lane, Simon, and Jefferson. Adams will probably be cut, they might try to get Pinkins on the practice squad, and Shead projects as the backup for Earl Thomas, not as a corner.

The final error, and most egregious in my opinion, is the categorization of Jon Ryan as a "Below Average Starter". There were a few years when the argument could be made for Ryan being the MVP of the team, and he was probably the biggest reason the Seahawks were close to setting a record for fewest punt return yards allowed last year. If anything Jon Ryan is "High Quality" and borderline "Elite".

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