my rank 1-32 part 1 1-16

this is my ranking of all 32 teams

i will try to comment about every team but will likely break it up into parts

1 New Orleans Saints - everyone will say Seattle San Fran New England Denver but the super bowl is in a dome which is a sigh to me I Just have a feeling brees and peyton will win more than 1 ring

2 San Fran why them well 2 things this is their last shot after this year Harbaugh will leave or they will get old 1 of the 2 and i did some research and it seems teams a year before they get the super bowl in their stadium make a run toward the super bowl before falling off which tell your buddies at niner nation SF will not make the playoffs in 2015

3 Seattle sure they can repeat but talk to ravens fans giants fans and they will tell u its hard when every team plays u like their super bowl i feel to make it back u will have to win @ NO or @ SF and can u do it yes but your offence has to play at a higher Level because teams will make a few more plays against your D which means your Offence will need R Wilson to play like he did at the super bowl more often in 2014 because every super bowl winning team has a 2-3 week sump if u can keep it to only 2 or 3 weeks u will still be just as good as last year

4 New England Honesty i feel denver is better like right now u and sf are the 2 best teams in the NFC but i feel denver will have to go into boston in mid jan and if so that will be very hard to make out of boston Revis and browner can slow down manning passing game while mccourtney is a rising star at fs its just new england played better at home but be warned Boston this is also your last shot because by 2017 they will want to get the young QB in there at qb

5 Denver why is denver so low well same as seattle Denver will get the opponent best shot every week and teams like Indy San diego Seattle have shown how to slow denver down can Ware play 16 games can denver run the ball on like 3rd and 2 will tailb stay on the field can denver hold teams to 21 or less because the offence will not score as much at last year can denver win yes but they have to slow a mental toughness like i am kicking your ass and their is noting u can do about it they have to take it

6 Indy - this is a team on the rise but they do not know how to win the BIG games yet they can not run the ball or stop the run on a consistent basis their OL are just guys they are asking too much from luck who was a game manger at stanford the only way for indy to make the super bowl is to get home field adv

7 Green Bay this team remind me of denver in the late 80's early 90's where the beef yes Lacy could be a future star but peppers is almost done matthews is allways hurt their OL is a mess so is their Safeties i just do not trust green bay

8 Pittsburgh - i know u hate this team and with good reason but the steelers never die u think oh this is their 6-10 year but Pittsburgh knows when to let F A leave they will no-huddle this year which is ben stong point i think they grow their LB on a farm plug and play anyway is Pitt plays all year in 14 like they did at the end of 13 watch out

9 Philly wow watching the eagles was fun last year but their D was horrible and the 1st round pick of marius smith was a ? at best getting sproles was outstanding but no D no change

10 Ciny last season was heartbreaking for them but if they can get any consistent QB Play they have everything else

11 ST Louis this is my sleeper team also like the bengals have most everything but a qb bradford has not proven much as of late but no excuse not to win at least 8 games this year

12 NY Jets REX Ryan did a underrated job last year as i had the JETS at 32 last year but will they score enough to win more than 9 games

13 Chicago these are the 2008 broncos which they will score a ton but give up just as much

14 NYG Giants has Eli started a decline we will see i do like most of their FA moves all through if not for a Amazing Play in 2007 and 2 muffs in 11 Eli would have zero rings

15 San diego this team will take a step back mccoy likes to throw while san diego is best served winning 20-17

16 Tampa Bay this team will be back in 2015

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