Variety Hour!

Not an entirely inaccurate representation.

I do a lot of driving. I work in Missoula MT, and I am involved in a play in Hamilton MT, they're about an hour apart, and I typically drive to and from each place each day. That's about two hours a day listening to radio and thinking. So you can imagine that I've got a lot of thoughts to share. So I'm sorry to disappoint you...I've only got four.

Now, I don't know any of you guys (not in real life at least), but if I did you'd know that I've been involved in music for my entire life. My first performance was when I was 7 years old, singing at an 8 PM service in my sweater and PJ pants so I could go to bed immediately afterward. That was more than 12 years ago now. Since then I've been in choir for 7 years (middle and high school), been involved with 9 musicals over the last 4 years, and performed for my parent's churches literally hundreds of times. So as you can imagine, art is really important to me. I have thought about what art is for my entire life, and what I've finally settled on is that art is something that intentionally elicits emotion. Ender's Game doesn't make you question society on accident, Ordinary People doesn't bring tears to my eyes on accident. Orson Scott Card and John are people who practiced their craft, perfected it, and saw fit to share it with the world in those masterpieces.

If that sounds familiar, it should. That's what athletes do. They practice, honing their skills till they take the field. Each play is their masterpiece, each hit is a note, a word. It's so temporary, but so is a song, so is a play, and if those things are considered art, why shouldn't sports? A common criticism for sports is that they're getting paid millions of dollars to play a game that children play on the playground. But I would say they get paid for it because they're the best in the world at doing it, just like Shakespeare and Mozart, and with technology the way it is today, it's entirely possible that their work could be kept intact just as long.

And don't you say that sports don't elicit emotion. There's a visceral joy I get when I watch Beastmode run. That half-second when Sherman's going up for an interception that I hold my breath is still one of my favorite feelings.

The best thing about art is that you don't have to be an expert to appreciate it. I suck at painting, but Van Goh's Starlight is still amazing, I'm nowhere near as good at football analysis as some of the main writers on this site, but I can still see the amazing throws and great plays that OCs and DCs draw up. Just because I don't play basketball doesn't mean that I don't know how good the teams and players are in the finals.

And speaking of said finals, every time I hear about them I hear about San Antonio and their team, and then about LeBron James. The occasional D-Wade question comes up sure, but for the most part it's about LeBron. And that brought me to one inescapable comparison: the build up to the Super Bowl. It was Peyton this and Peyton that, then a bit about Seattle as a team, then more Peyton. I will admit that LeBron has more influence on a game of Basketball than Peyton does on a game of Football. LeBron James can take over games like no one in football can, not even the best player in the league, JJ Watt. There are fewer people on the court than the gridiron for one thing, and he plays both offense and defense for another. Even so, this still feels like a Basketball version of SB XLVIII, and there's only so much a freak like James can do.

By the way, did you hear about the freak we have on our team? Not Harvin, not Lynch, not Chancellor. You know who I'm talking about, Christine Michael.

While my thoughts on the other topics were a little more in-depth, my thought on Michael is that he shouldn't be able to do this at his size:

My final thought is encompassed in two videos, and has nothing to do with football, but everything to do with Field Gulls:

[sorry, no politics, that extends to politics we probably all agree on, this just isn't the platform. - Beeks]

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