Analyzing Richard Sherman's Numbers

Richard Sherman. You either love him or you hate him. I’ve sick of all of this whining over Richard Sherman. You either believe he’s the number one cornerback or you believe he’s not even in the top five among cornerbacks – two very different opinions. As we all know, and especially as Sherman knows, numbers never lie. Does Richard Sherman talk the talk and walk the walk? Let’s find out.

1) Richard Sherman had the least yards thrown on him all season long in 2013, at 456 yards. (less than Revis, Haden, and Peterson and best in the NFL)

2) Richard Sherman gave up only 2 touchdowns all season long (best in the NFL).

3) Richard Sherman had 8 interceptions in the 2013 season (best in the NFL – more than Revis, Haden, and Peterson…not to mention he did this in back to back seasons)

4) Quarterbacks had the worst QB rating when throwing at Sherman, a rating of 48.4. (Again, best in the NFL). The closest to Sherman was Haden at 62.2. Revis had a highly unimpressive opposing QB rating of 98.6 when throwing towards him)

5) Sherman was targeted the least of any corner in the 2013 season – only 58 times all season long. He picked off 8 of those passes. That means that 13.8% of the time a ball was thrown Sherman’s way, he picked it off (again, the best in the NFL).

6) How does Sherman compare against a top receiver? In week 8 of 2012 in Detroit, Calvin Johnson only had 3 catches for 45 yards (a season low).

Some people then attack Sherman for not always covering the opposing #1 receiver. You mean to tell me that Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks should change their defensive scheme? After being the #1 defense…and winning the Super Bowl? That’s absolutely delusional…it’s working for them…so why change it?

After looking at all the numbers, it’s hard to make a case that Richard Sherman isn’t the best. He leads cornerbacks in all statistical categories, has the most interceptions of any player in the past three seasons, made the play that sent his team to the Super Bowl, and then went on to win the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion. Richard Sherman has a big mouth but makes bigger plays. In conclusion, Richard Sherman is the BEST. He has the credentials – and a Super Bowl ring to prove it. Where’s Revis’, Petersons’, or Hadens’ ring?

Deion Sanders said it perfectly:

"You can’t have a better season than Richard Sherman just had….this kid he talks the game…he walks the game…he’s one of the smartest corners in the game…if not the smartest. I love him."

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