My response to Chris Wesseling's put down of Wilson. Russell gets no respect!

Mr. Wesseling, Andrew Luck is not even close to playing at the level needed to join the other QB’s you have listed as Pro Bowl-caliber (didn’t Wilson also make the Pro Bowl the last 2 years? Maybe this ranking of yours should be All-Pro caliber). I have a couple of reasons for saying this; first of all, to this point in his career, Luck is a postseason choker (7 INT's in his last 2 playoff games screams choker). It’s all about QB maturity level and he definitely does not have it yet. My second reason is the fact that he is not even close to playing at the same level as Russell Wilson, who, although better than Luck thus far on his journey, also does not deserve to be on a list with QB’s who I consider to be elite…not yet anyway.

Do you even realize that Wilson, because of the offense he plays on, does not get near as many pass attempts as Luck? Luck had 1197 attempts in 2 seasons while Wilson had only 800. Luck had 8196 yards in the 2 seasons. If Wilson had 1197 attempts like Luck did (1197 attempts x Wilson’s average of 8.1), he would have had 9696 yards, far more than Luck; it’s not really fair to hold Wilson’s yardage stats against him just because his offensive scheme doesn’t allow him to throw as often as Luck.

Wilson wastes Luck in all other stats for their 2 seasons:
Completion %- Luck…57.0; Wilson…63.6
TD’s- Luck…46; Wilson…52
INT’s- Luck…27; Wilson…19
INT’s including playoffs- Luck…35; Wilson 20
Avg. yards per attempt- Luck…6.8; Wilson…8.1
Passer rating- Luck…81.5; Wilson…100.6
Pro Football Reference career AV- Luck…28; Wilson…32
Pro Football Focus overall rating 2012- Luck…8.1 (#16); Wilson…39.4 (#6)
Pro Football Focus overall rating 2013- Luck…11.1 (#12); Wilson…23.1 (#4)
Wilson and Luck are tied with 8- 4th quarter comebacks, most in the NFL in the last 2 years.
Wilson led the NFL with 5- game winning drives in 2013.

If you compare their playoff games, those stats are where it truly gets ugly for Andrew Luck:
Attempts- Luck…140; Wilson…130
Completions- Luck…77; Wilson…82
Completion %- Luck…55.0; Wilson…63.1
TD’s- Luck…6; Wilson…6
INT’s- Luck…8; Wilson…1
Avg. yards per attempt- Luck…7.59; Wilson…8.43
Passer rating- Luck…70.0; Wilson…102.0

Let’s take a look at some of Wilson’s accomplishments in those first two seasons: including playoff games, Wilson threw 58 TD passes. In the history of the NFL, the only QB to throw more TD passes in their first two seasons than Wilson was Dan Marino. And for good measure, throw in the fact that Wilson also had 6 rushing TD’s in those 2 years. Again, if you include playoffs, Wilson has won 28 games in those first two seasons…NO OTHER QB IN NFL HISTORY HAS EVER WON MORE GAMES in their first two seasons. And then of course Wilson won a ring in only his second season…he joins a list of only three other QB’s who accomplished that feat: Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner. Additionally, Wilson is the ONLY QB in NFL history to have a 100+ passer rating in both of his first two seasons. Also, of all active QB’s, Wilson is second with a .757 Win-Loss % behind only Tom Brady. And Wilson accomplished all of this with a pedestrian receiver corps. Wilson also broke the 75 year-old rookie record for most yards in a playoff game with 385 yards; the old record was only 300 yards, set in 1937.

Let’s take a look at the first two seasons passing yardage for some of the all-time greats as compared to Wilson, keeping in mind that passing yardage is Wilson’s weakest stat:

Dan Marino- 7874 yards (sophomore season was by far the best of his career)
Peyton Manning- 7294 yards (led the NFL with 28 INT’s in his rookie year; 7429 yards w/rushing)
Russell Wilson- 6475 yards (also had 1028 yards rushing; combined total of 7503 yards)
Ben Roethlisberger- 5006 yards (took 3 seasons to match Wilson’s 2 season total of 52 TD’s)
Kurt Warner- 4392 yards (7782 if you ignore his rookie season)
John Elway- 4261 yards (career passer rating of 79.9)
Steve Young- 3217 yards (also had 658 yards rushing; averaged only 196 passing yds./gm. over his career)
Tom Brady- 2849 yards (6607 if you ignore his rookie season)
Joe Montana- 1891 yards (5360 if you ignore his rookie season)

Mr. Wesseling, I’m not sure if you are a Colts fan or if you have just been a victim of all of the Andrew Luck hype in the media (thanks to your article, you will forever be a part of hyping him up even more). I can only say…please take off the homer glasses and try to keep your opinions unbiased. Given all of the evidence I have pointed out, how is it even remotely possible that you can rank Luck any higher than Wilson? STOP THE HATE!

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