Which Seahawk in 2014 is most likely to disappoint?

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It's the sloth season of the NFL.

We're stuck salivating over the NFL Top 100 farce list and watching another tedious top 10 copy/paste players list on We're sponges soaking up news of suspensions, injuries and predictions--all of which are as optimistic as Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers as offensive/defensive coordinators (respectively--or, not? Which one would would work best at which position? Find out this month as we supply one fact for each side per week and ask for a user-vote on who you think would work best! -Terry Blount)

I'm not so much concerned with the amount of garbage that is passed off as news, but with how optimistic we as fans are. I'm not only talking about the Seahawks. When I read through headlines, it seems like every player is having "a great training camp," the receivers "are really showing their speed," and young quarterbacks are "poised for the next step." True, it would be tough to swallow if the team came right out and said something like this:

So what's the passing game looking like?

Well, the receivers are having trouble getting their routes down; [Insert QB's name] is having difficulty getting the playbook down and is constantly missing receivers; and, our receivers are out of shape and not beating corners because they just don't have the speed.

These type of headlines wouldn't get us excited about the season and clicking articles.

What I would like to know, is who do you think may disappoint this season. I'm not trying to start a fire of a thread and incite riots among the faithful, but--honestly--who may have a down year this season? Something like "Well, after setting the record for TDs in a single season and signing a huge contract, I don't think Shaun Alexander will have that great of a year" or "He might be the surest of picks in this decade, but after actually looking at tape... I think Aaron Curry might take some time adjusting to the NFL." (see: eternity)

Right now we have high hopes of repeating, and I'm not here to shoot that down; I'd just like to hear who you think may not live up to their expectations this year.

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