Respect and Ranking

To rank or not to rank…

With nothing else to report and nothing else to say this is the time of year for ranking. Anything from teams, position groups, players etc. is fare game.

Ranking is the civilized way of "who's better" beer talk and mine is better then yours arguments.

We are part of it, all of us, me too.

As hawks fans we stay away from who's the top 20 WRs or top 32 Offensive linemen but when it comes to CBs or QBs we are all out there in full force.

This year we face 2 main issues – RW and Sherman.

The Sherman issue –

If I'd ask any one of you to tell me who's the best QB in the league? Rodgers or Manning? you would probably pick one or the other without giving it much thought. They are both great QBs on their way to the HOF and either is a worthy pick. You would never feel that the guy you did not pick is disrespected. They are the best at what they do and picking one over the other is just the cherry on top.

And yet, if anyone dares picking say Peterson over Sherman as the top 2 corners in the game we marshal the troops, blow the trumpets, and set out to reclaim the respect Sherman deserves. The facts of the matter are that both guys are the best at what they do. We have one of them and we'd love to have the other too. There are valid (and not so valid) arguments in favor of both. At the end the pick is more a feeling then a scientific verdict. If it upsets Richard then he should play even better next year (yummmmm). Being as smart as he is he should understand that his premeditated outbursts that have made him a household name all over the country and may have had a positive effect on his new contract, endorsement deals etc might also have a negative effect when none seahawks fans/player/pundits are picking who's the best.

Done. Richard is either the best CB or one of the 2-3 top CBs in the NFL. I'm good with it either way. NEXT.

The RW issue –

Since Sherman is the first to react publicly to any and all perceived disrespect, RW is a whole different matter. No one points to RW as one of the few top QBs in the league. The likes of Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Breese are the commonly agreed upon elite top group. Everybody agrees (even die hard RW fans) that a QB can not be labeled elite based on 2 seasons at the age of 25. Everybody also agrees that so far RW has not done anything to indicate that his is not on his way to become one in the future. The simple fact is that after just 2 years the jury is out on such a title and will be out for a few years to come. There is really no need to pull all the stops and fire the heavy canons on that one. Yes, he has the wins, TDs, INTs, SB, YPA, QBR and stats to back his claim for greatness just as he does benefit from a strong D, a great RB, and his passing yards and some other stats are less then others. For every negative we can come up with a positive or 2. Does it really matter?

For decades the only bright spot we could find was that player X or Y was ranked in the top whatever. Maybe having the best RB or the best LT in the league warmed our hearts after loosing SB. It was consolation prizes while others polished their rings and hoisted their Lombardi. We got used to it and it was in our blood to fight for any shred of respect we got in whatever meaningless praise we could find.

It's time to put on our SB jacket and smile. It's time to set our goals as high as the team does. So the SB champions do not have the best CB or FS or SS in the NFL. They do not have a top 5 or 10 WR group. Their QB is not elite, their OL is horrendous and whatever else can and will be said. Together, as a team, they were the best there was and have the rings to prove it. All of them, the good, the bad and the ugly combined are the best there is until a better team wins it.

My new definition of respect is when the commentators in the 2nd half of the SB are starting with "human interest" stories as the best offense to ever play the game is being shredded to pieces and stepped on by the 2nd best CB and his team mates. When a short game manager lifts the Lombardi as 12 QBs who should be picked ahead of him are watching and all he has to say is what's next?

Better yet - Respect is when you visit other teams' sites before the season and see thier pre season game by game forecast. Near the "At Seattle" it always shows a big L. That's all the respect we need.

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