The RW beer talk guide book

After reading all the posts on the topic you should all be armed with the relevant stats and numbers indicating why RW is the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, as more and more beers are consumed those stats sound more like an excuse then a punch line. The simplistic view of a great QB is the guy that leads his team to greatness as he carries the offense on his shoulders by passing the ball. The more beers – the more simplistic things get.

You need to be ready to tackle 2 main arguments as to why RW is not that guy.

RW is not that guy that carries the offense on his shoulders because he doesn't do enough. He is at the bottom of the league in pass attempts and total yards. He just doesn't move the team down the field passing. All the stats you comply to show that when he does pass the ball he does it very well (i.e. QBR, YPA, TD/INT etc.) will not fly. He just doesn't do it enough to be seen as the engine behind the offense.


RW is not that guy because the team's path to greatness is paved by the defense and the running game. Any guy under the center would do just as well with such a great team that does not need him to do much.

Both those arguments can not be dismissed out of hand. RW is at the bottom half of the table in pass attempts and total yards in his 2 seasons and he does indeed play on a run first offense with the best defense in the league to rely on.

Fighting for RW's redemption armed with a truckload of stats will not affect the unbelievers. Their mind is made up and they will always drag you back to "no yards – no greatness".

It may be hard for the stats lovers to hear but winning the RW argument has to be stats free. We are not holding the aces on that deck of cards.(we have like 4 jacks, but no aces…)

A narrative is needed to put the right spin on what RW does. Something to put a new perspective on the way his stats are evaluated.

So, while the night is still young, before it turns into a DUI (Discussions Under the Influence), play along with the stats game and prepare for your closing argumants.

Here they are –

Listen guys, all I know is that playing behind the worse pass protecting offensive line in the NFL with both his top receivers out for most of year, RW has faced the top 7 defenses not named Seahawks on 10 of those games and only faced 3 defenses not ranked in the top half of the NFL. 3 of his 4 comeback victories this year were against top defenses. Sacked on 10% of his drops and running for his life half of the time he still managed to put a 3 digit QBR on his way to a SB ring in his 2nd year. The best QB in the league, feeling less pressure then RW faced every game this year, has cracked and posted 1TD and 2 INTs in the SB on his way to a heap of meaningless pass yards.

He may not be your greatest fantasy football QB yet but he is everything we could hope for on a football field.

Can we have another beer over here…

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