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About Field Gulls

New here? Read this!

About Field Gulls

New here? Read this!


Your favorite Field Gulls writers are on Twitter

Follow the entire FG crew with this Twitter list.

Editable comments are here!

It's finally here. Editable comments are now live on all SB Nation blogs. Try it out in the comments below, it's pretty rad!

FieldGulls Google Hangout Tonight at 8

Wanna hang out?

Sneak Peek At The Future Of SB Nation And Field Gulls

Ladies and gents, exciting news for Field Gulls and SB Nation!

The More You Know: Fanshots versus Fanposts

Just a quick little Field Gulls public service announcement. There's an awful lot of user-generated content on the blog these days. That's good! Unfortunately, this means things tend to get buried...

Seahawks Sign Matt Flynn: Reaction to Free Agency Thus Far, SBNFieldGulls YouTube

My SBN Field Gulls YouTube reaction the signing of Matt Flynn by the Seattle Seahawks

Field Gulls Video 2 and More From the SBN Channel

The second video for Field Gulls, in which I say mean things about a lot of other cities.

Jens Pulver Speech About Getting Old as an Athlete, from Driven

Jens Pulver speech on what it means to get old as an athlete, from the documentary Driven on Netflix Instant.

Field Gulls Launches Its Seahawks YouTube Page and I Get Weird

Field Gulls launches its SBN YouTube page for the Seahawks and asks the question, "How weird do you like it?"

Seattle Seahawks, Field Gulls, YouTube, and YOU!

As SBN prepares to go viral, Field Gulls is asking YOU for help.

Hi, We're Field Gulls

So I suppose the end of a season is as good of a time as any to do a little administrative house cleaning, and with that in mind I wanted to re-post the site rules and regulations and just give a...

Another Writer Joins the Fold

Welcoming aboard another writer for Field Gulls, the best site on the Internets!


The Official FieldGulls Fantasy Football Thread for Week 10. With a Special Guest from FakeTeams.

Hi Everybody, My name is Kenny and I am a writer from FakeTeams, SBN's premiere fantasy football and baseball blog.  I know Danny through a mutual friend: Me.  He asked me to ask myself if the...

The SB Nation iPhone App v1.1 Is Now Available!

The SB Nation iPhone App v1.1 Is Now Available!

Field Gulls Programming Notes

Hey guys! And girls!  A couple of quick notes for you: -- I wanted to take a minute to encourage you all to write fanposts, because they're your friend. Fanposts are great because they get...

"Welcome to Field Gulls, Rookie"

When Danny asked me to join Field Gulls as a writer, I was flattered.  I mean, I had never been called "Spider" before and I didn't know what Wheeled Skulls was but it sounded like a bad-ass...

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