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I've been wracking my brain all day (and off and on over the last month and a half) refining my "burst" and "thrust" formulas in the hopes that I will be able to make my methods public sometime...

Draft Week Schedule


This is the last big week of the NFL before the slowest part of the season starts, and we here at Field Gulls plan on kicking out the jams. For the savvy fan the NFL draft is by far the most...

Darrell Jackson Trade Falls Through


The trade that would have netted us a 1st round pick and two additional 3rd round picks for D-Jack along with our 2nd round pick (detailed here) has fallen through. Time for all you Hawk fans to...

Sports Blog Nation Mock NFL Draft '07 -- Hosted By Field Gulls


We could not be prouder to announce the first-ever Sports Blog Nation Mock NFL Draft -- except if we were to announce that the draft would be hosted by Field Gulls. Which, holy cow, it is!This very...

I Stammer on Mile High Report


I believe you can hear this afternoon's rather rambling appearance by yours truly on the Mile High Report radio blog at this link. I was in a building where a million things were happening and...

Vote in Field Gulls' Ginormous End of the Year Poll


SBN is holding their own end-of-season polls this year, for which I've already voted. And so should we here at Field Gulls. Because there's nothing I love more than having an excuse to use Excel...

Having Major Site Problems


At least on my end. If you're seeing strange stuff here, please be patient, we're looking into it. The written stuff should all be okay. Thanks.Update [2006-11-10 4:38:47 by Shrug]: Seems okay now,...

Questions for Silver & Black Pride?


We're gonna try to do the question exchange again with the new Raiders blogger for Monday night's game -- for one reason or another, our last couple of attempts to do this with other bloggers have...

Would You Mind Taking a Quick Survey?


It's for SportsBlog Nation. You can take it here. They're gathering data; I believe it's anonymous. I'd really appreciate it if you could answer some quick demographic questions.And don't worry...

Gimme Yer Questions for the Bears Blogger


In place of our usual pregame joke fest this week, we'll be doing an exchange with WCG from SB Nation's Chicago Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron.I've answered his blog community's set of Seahawks...

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