Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Monday

Andy Lyons


Brand semana nuevo, chicos.

2012 Arizona Cardinals Rewind: Week 1 Review of Win vs. Seahawks - Revenge of the Birds
With a few weeks left, and more than enough time until the Cardinals season opener, it's time for a new weekly series. This weeks installment, Seahawks @ Cardinals.

Obscure Seahawks Bi-Weekly: Cooper Helfet - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
May 10, 2013; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks tight end Cooper Helfet (48) catches a pass under pressure from safety Drew McAllister (35) during a rooki Blog | Is it football season yet?
One-hundred days from today – on Sunday, September 8 – the Seahawks will kickoff the 2013 regular season against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

Columnist: Seahawks have more to prove after violations - Blog -
It wasn't that long ago that the Seahawks were the talk of the NFL for their big offseason additions like wide receiver Percy Harvin and defensive end Cliff Avril.

Young quarterbacks giving teams financial freedom - Blog -
The Seahawks and Dolphins were among the most active teams in free agency this offseason. It's no coincidence that both have cost-effective starting quarterbacks whose contracts take up considerably less of their team's salary-cap space than they would had they been drafted before the new rookie wage scale went into effect in 2011.

Great coaches without great quarterbacks? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Jim from Albany, Ore., had no beefs with the "Greatest Coaches" ballot I submitted for the ESPN project. He did question the project itself, however. "It seems to me that a coach becomes 'great' only after he has a 'great' quarterback," Jim wrote in the NFC West mailbag. "The coaches at the very top of the list might be exceptions, but let's look at some of the others."

Checkdown: Why the running game still matters in today's NFL - NFL - Sporting News
Get the latest NFL news, video updates, scores, schedules, standings and more on Sporting News.

How These 5 NFL Stars Can Become MVP Contenders in 2013 | Bleacher Report
Even though it’s only the beginning of June, it’s never too early to start talking about the season that lies ahead. Some people prefer to talk about team predictions, while others would rather discuss individual achievements...

Which Young Player Is the Future of Each NFL Franchise? | Bleacher Report
Different general managers choose to build their organizations in different ways. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers solely build their franchises through the draft, ...

Will Colin Kaepernick Fall Victim to a 'Sophomore' Slump in 2013? | Bleacher Report
When you think of the dreaded sophomore slump, you typically think of rookie quarterbacks who fail to produce in Year 2. In today’s NFL , it’s rare to see a rookie quarterback sit and learn behind a vested veteran...

Aaron Rodgers wants more from Packers' run game -
Aaron Rodgers didn't worry much about the Green Bay Packers' running game last season. Did seeing a run-focused team win the Super Bowl change the quarterback's mind?

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
If you want to know where the Indianapolis Colts offense is headed, take a look at where the San Francisco 49ers offense has been.

Ten NFL teams will gain 2013 cap space on June 2 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Arizona Cardinals: $2.9 million — Arizona released guard Adam Snyder one season into a five-year, $17.5 million contract that included $2.9 million in base salary in 2013. Had Snyder been released without a "post-June 1" designation, the Cardinals would not have saved any cap room in 2013 as the $4 million in signing bonus proration that remained on his contract was equal to the $4 million that Snyder was set to count against the cap this season. By using the "post-June 1" designation, however, the Cardinals chose to split that $4 million over the 2013 and 2014 seasons. $1 million will be applied to the 2013 cap, while the remaining $3 million accelerates onto their 2014 cap.

Aaron Rodgers: Randall Cobb will emerge as “a big-time star” | ProFootballTalk
Randall Cobb had an excellent 2012 season in Green Bay, totaling 2,342 all-purpose yards. But Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks Cobb will be even better this year.

These 10 NFL head coach firings are worst of the worst -
Any coach can be fired -- Browns founder Paul Brown, Cowboys icon Tom Landry -- and some moves truly resonate. Pat Kirwan presents his 10 worst.

Can a mini-camp work where coaches pay their way? Ask these guys -
This is a story about how NFL coaches like the Jets' Rex Ryan and Tampa Bay's Bryan Cox and former players like tight end Mark Bavaro get together in Hartford, Conn., once every year and not only work for free, but pick up all their expenses, including travel and hotels. A problem? Hardly. They keep coming back for more.

Fantasy Football: Regression to the Mean (FBG)
At, I explain why fantasy football owners need to understand the concept of regression to the mean. Readers of this blog probably don’t need the long background, but you might enjoy some of the graphs at the end. For example, this is the distribution of yards per carry in Year N and yards per carry in Year N+1:

Finding the Fits: Vikings' Patterson the perfect Purple Playmaker - CBSSports
The Minnesota Vikings once prided themselves on a ferocious defensive line affectionately known as the Purple People Eaters. With defenses focusing on Adrian Peterson, rookie receiver Cordarrelle Patterson could explode into the NFL with the same aplomb he did the SEC -- as a highlight reel regular.

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