Seahawks and Lynch have been negotiating for four months


Via PFT: "Talks have been occurring on and off, according to the source, for four months. The Seahawks have resisted due to concerns that giving a player a new contract with two years left on his current agreement would set a bad precedent."

Seahawks, Lynch have been talking new deal for four months | ProFootballTalk

One ticket avail. for Media Day at Prudential Center, Newark


Tomorrow morning. Let me know if anyone's interested

NFL Network SEA v SF Replays


NFL Network to replay both 2013 SEA v SF games back-to-back on Tuesday starting at noon PST.

NFL Network

Let's Make It As Tough On San Francisco As Possible


Bring the noise when The Niners huddle up. Let there be no communication when they have the ball. If we expect the Hawks to leave everything they have on the field, let's leave our voices there too.


Rick Reilly quotes Browner in "Rick Reilly on 2013 NFL Season" column


Seattle CB Brandon Browner just got a year ban for a positive pot test while in Stage 2 of the substance-abuse program. But Browner went from Stage 1 to Stage 2 while he wasn't even an employee of the NFL. He was playing in Canada when he missed two tests, which was strike two. If you switch jobs from McDonald's to Wendy's, do you still have to take McDonald's drug tests? "The letters went to my ex's house," Browner told me. "How am I supposed to get those?" *Incidentally, this was also among the list of Reilly's observations on the season: • Seattle, the fourth-youngest squad, is going to be scary good for a very long time.

SMS audio strikes back against Beats by Dre after Kaep Ad


Preciate @smsaudio hookin us up with some ear-gear. Great move after that horrible @beatsbydre commercial. #AlwaysCompete

— Doug Baldwin Jr (@DougBaldwinJr) December 13, 2013 Twitter

Browner reportedly claims collector mishandling on false test


"Browner is disputing the procedures of the test he failed this September. [He] is claiming the urine collector used a damaged cup and then poured his urine from that cup into another one. However, the source said Browner's request to have the collector testify as part of the appeal hearings was denied, with the league's medical director stating he spoke to the collector, who disputed Browner's account."

Brandon Browner nixes deal to shorten his substance-abuse suspension, will continue appeal

Hey, What's Your Twitter Handle?


Just posted a comment on Danny's new member orientation article and Jimmy suggested I run with it... So, as the title suggests, please leave your Twitter handle in the comments section if you want to get connected with more Hawk fans.

Sho' Nuff

Rams MNF


I will be going to the MNF game in St. Louis. Does anyone know where Hawks fans usually sit? Tickets are actually really cheap. Just wondering if Hawks fans have a usual section. Also, are there any bars we usually meet up at before? Thanks for any info.

Trotter: Matt Flynn Released. Seattle gets picks.


Seattle gets a 2014 pick from Oakland and a 2015 pick returned via voided trade.

Flynn trade: Seattle receives Oak's 5th-round pick in 2014. The 2015 conditional pick (also 5th rd) is voided b/c Flynn not on '15 roster.

— Jim Trotter (@SI_JimTrotter) October 7, 2013
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