Percy Harvin injury: Seahawks' WR likely out vs. Saints

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Harvin received a cortisone shot in the area of his surgically repaired hip, and 'views himself as out' tonight on Monday Night Football.

Don't expect to see Percy Harvin take the field tonight at CenturyLink, according to reports. Fox's Mike Garafolo points out that...

Seattle Seahawks receiver/returner/do-it-all guy Percy Harvin has yet to be officially ruled out for Monday's game vs. the New Orleans Saints, but it's extremely likely he sits down. Per a source, Harvin went to see doctors this weekend and had a cortisone injection into his surgically repaired hip. This is the second time the hip flared up since Harvin has returned to action. The first time was while he was practicing in October in advance of being added to the active roster. When that flareup occurred, Harvin had to have his hip drained.

Harvin's toughness was questioned while he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings and he doesn't want that label slapped on him to start his tenure with the Seahawks, so he's taking the injections and undergoing the procedures to play through the issues that are nagging him - problems that are arising because he might have come back too soon. The problem is it doesn't seem like Harvin will be able to play a few weeks in a row without any issues, yet Monday's game and Sunday's matchup with the San Francisco 49ers are the biggest ones left on Seattle's schedule. Stay tuned because Harvin's situation definitely bears watching as the postseason approaches.

This isn't much different than what we'd heard earlier this week, except for the tidbit about the cortisone shot. The Seahawks and Harvin are being cautious with the hip at this point, and when Harvin was listed as doubtful that was a good indication that he'd be a no-go this week. As Pete Carroll said on Saturday,

"I thought from day-to-day we would have a chance to get him back. He's been rehabilitating throughout the week. His hip was sore coming out of the game. We thought he would get back. He's still ... we're going to list him as doubtful right now, he's had a lot of stuff done to help him, we'll go all the way to Monday with this."

"It's more important for us to get him back for the longer haul. I thought with the days off, it would all work together. But it didn't workout quite right for us. Unfortunately, he didn't make it."

Does Harvin have new structural damage to the hip?

"No. It's just responding from the load of the game. He had 19 plays and 16 active plays in there, so it wasn't much. He's just sore, so we don't want to push it beyond that right now. It's not worth it.

"We have to go day-to-day. That's the facts. That's the only way we can go right now. We don't see any big issue structurally, we've looked at everything, it's just him getting back and making sure he's balanced in that area so he can handle the workload."

My guess is that this will continue to go day-to-day, and this may happen even into the Playoffs as the rehab continues. If Harvin can contribute before the end of the regular season is over, that's gravy, but for now I'm not counting on him all too much. When Carroll talks about getting Harvin back for the 'longer haul' you have to think he means the Playoffs and further out, the rest of Harvin's contract. The franchise has made a big investment in this player and neither party seems anxious to rush back too quickly (though from the Garafolo piece, it implies Harvin is pushing things because of his reputation earlier in his career for injuries). We'll see. For now, doesn't look good that we'll see Harvin tonight.

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