Seahawks awarded 2 compensatory picks to push their total to 10

Chris Chambers

The Seahawks have been awarded two compensatory picks - no. 34 and 35 in the seventh round - and now possess ten total picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. Seattle owns a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, two 5ths, a 6th, and four 7ths. For a list of all the compensatory picks, click here. The Cardinals own seven picks, the Rams own eight, including two first-rounders, and the Niners own 14, even after the Anquan Boldin trade. Needless to say, San Francisco has positioned themselves to move up and down the board and should likely have the firepower to really target some players they are high on.

To be exact though, let's take a look at the picks. Here is where Seattle will be selecting, though I'm sure this will change.


2.26 (56) Seattle
3.25 (87) Seattle
4.26 (123) Seattle
5.5 (138) Seattle (from Oakland for Aaron Curry)
5.25 (158) Seattle
6.26 (194) Seattle
7.8 (214) Seattle (from Buffalo for Tarvaris Jackson)
7.14 (220) Seattle (from New Orleans for Barrett Ruud)
7.35 (241) Seattle (Comp)
7.36 (242) Seattle (Comp)

Here's a list of Seattle's NFC West brethren, via the excellent Mike Sando.


1.7 (7) Arizona
2.6 (38) Arizona
3.7 (69) Arizona
4.6 (103) Arizona
5.7 (140) Arizona
6.6 (174) Arizona
6.8 (176) Arizona


1.16 (16) St. Louis
1.22 (22) St. Louis (from Washington for rights to #2 pick in 2012 Draft)
2.16 (46) St. Louis
3.16 (78) St. Louis
4.16 (113) St. Louis
5.16 (149) St. Louis
6.16 (184) St. Louis
7.16 (222) St. Louis


1.31 (31) San Francisco
2.2 (34) San Francisco (from Kansas City for Alex Smith)
2.31 (61) San Francisco
3.12 (74) San Francisco (from Carolina - trade back in 2012 draft)
3.31 (93) San Francisco
4.31 (128) San Francisco
4.34 (131) San Francisco (Comp)
5.24 (157) San Francisco (from Indianapolis - trade back in 2012 draft)
5.31 (164) San Francisco
6.12 (180) San Francisco (from Miami - trade back in 2012 draft)
7.21 (227) San Francisco (from Cincinnati for Taylor Mays)
7.31 (237) San Francisco
7.40 (246) San Francisco (Comp)
7.46 (252) San Francisco (Comp)

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