NFL Draft 2013: Updated List of Seahawks Pre-Draft Visits to VMAC

Stacy Revere

Regrettably, I was not as successful in 2013 tracking the Seahawks Pre-Draft VMAC visits as in the past. Teams have a maximum of 30 "Non-Local" visits, and the Seahawks used all 30. I was only able to dig up 20 of the 30. (Last year Danny and I were able to nail 30 of 30, so the Seahawks are getting better at getting the players/agents to keep quiet, or we are getting worse at digging.)

The Seahawks also had 17 "Local" visits, and this list does not reflect those local players

2013 Seahawk Pre-Draft VMAC Visits


WR Russell Shepard - LSU
WR Martel Moore - Northern Illinois
WR Tyrone Goard - Western Kentucky
WR Perez Ashford - Northern Illinois
RB Christine Michael - Texas A&M
RB Jeremy Wright - Louisville
OL Ryan Jensen - Colorado State
FB Kyle Juszczyk - Harvard
TE Michael Williams - Alabama


DE Rufus Johnson - Tarleton State
DE Mike Catapano - Princeton
DT Stefan Charles - Regina
DT Michael Brooks - East Carolina
LB Craig Wilkins - Old Dominion
S Cooper Taylor - Richmond
S Duke Williams - Nevada
CB Jeremy Harris - New Mexico State
CB Tyrann Mathieu - LSU
CB Dontra Peters - New Hampshire


LS Kevin McDermott- UCLA

In addition, there were five private workouts that I was able to dig up. I am not sure if the Aaron Mellette workout was at his college or at the VMAC. The QB workouts were done offsite (not at the VMAC).

QB Matt Scott - Arizona
QB BJ Daniels - USF
QB Zac Dysert - Miami Ohio
P/K Quinn Sharp - Oklahoma State
WR Aaron Mellette - Elon

As you can see, most of these players are late round or UDFA type players, many of whom did not get a Combine invite. The six "consensus" highest graded players on the above lists are:

Christine Michael, Tyrann Mathieu, Duke Williams, Kyle Juszczyk, Matt Scott and Zac Dysert

Interestingly, Duke Williams, Christine Michael and Tyrann Mathieu are all talented players who may fall a bit due to some character issues. Perhaps the Seahawks were seeking some answers and seeking opportunity with those three names.

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