NFL Draft 2014: 25 Questions

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Now that everyone has ingested all the amazing draft content at Field Gulls and read one too many mock drafts, it is time to put that new-found knowledge to use!

Every year I hold a draft party, and I always try to come up with scenarios to drive conversation. Last year we did the 'no twitter' thing and the party was a lot of fun. This year, I'm going to try to bring the conversation here. I've come up with 25 draft questions (11 Seahawk related questions, 6 local questions and 8 other questions) that you don't need to be a hardcore draftnik to answer.

I will do my best to keep a leader board of everyone's answers and although I don't have a prize, I will certainly be bringing this up on the next Field Gulls Radio Show.

Seahawks questions:

1.) How many selections will the Seahawks make?

2.) Over/under: 1.5 selections in rounds 1 and 3 for the Seattle Seahawks?

3.) Over/under/push: Seattle drafts two LB/CB/S

4.) Over/under: Seattle drafts 1.5 Pac-12 Players

5.) True or False: Seattle drafts a DLineman before pick 75.

6.) True or False: Seattle acquires a 2015 pick that is in rounds 2-4.

7.) True or False: Seattle drafts a Running Back before pick 160.

8.) True of False: Seattle drafts a WR that is taller than 6024 (6'2.5).

9.) True or False: Seattle drafts more Offensive Players than Defensive Players.

10.) The Seattle Seahawks will draft these two players : ______________ & ____________

Local Questions:

11.) Place these 4 players in the order that they will be drafted: Deonne Bucannon, Scott Crichton, Bishop Sankey, Austin Seferian-Jenkins

12.) True or False Austin Seferian Jenkins will be taken before Jace Amaro

13.) True or False: Bishop Sankey will be either the first or second running back taken

14.) Over/Under: 2.5 University of Washington players will get drafted

15.) Place these 3 players in the order that they will be drafted: De'Anthony Thomas, Josh Huff or Colt Lyerla

16.) Who gets drafted first: Brandin Cooks or Marqise Lee

Other Questions:

17.) There will be over/under 2.5 picks in the top 10 being traded

18.) True or False: Johnny Manziel AND Blake Bortles both go in the top 10

19.) True or False: Teddy Bridgewater will not be the 1st 2nd or 3rd QB taken in the draft

20.) There will be how many Offensive Linemen taken in round 1?

21.) There will be how many Wide Receivers taken in round 1?

22.) There will be how many Quarterbacks taken in round 1?

23.) True or False: The 49ers will trade into the top 22

24.) True or False: The St Louis Rams will trade out of the top 5

25.) True or False: The Seattle Seahawks are STILL Superbowl Champions

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