NFL Odds

NFL Odds, Week 2: Point Spread Analysis of Every Matchup


I can only hope you heeded my advice last week. Against my better judgement, I decided to proffer an opinion on every game in Week 1 of the NFL, giving those of you who thrive on the challenge of...

NFL Odds: Breaking Down the Spread for the Seahawks & Cowboys


Be careful what you wish for. I might mean Russell Wilson being anointed the starting quarterback in Seattle or Kevin Kolb taking over for an injured John Skelton in the fourth quarter last Sunday....

NFL Odds, Week 1: Many Intriguing Point Spreads Across the League


Having already given you my ‘can't miss' bet of the week (the ‘Aaron Curry', as it shall now become known), when laying it on pretty thick how much of a good thing the Seahawks are against the...

NFL Odds, Week 1: Seahawks vs Cardinals, Broken Down


Please gamble responsibly. That's the sage advice that rightfully accompanies any betting advertisement. Last year, I gave spread betting advice on every game of the 2011 season (that can still be...

NFL Odds: Seahawks at Broncos, Preseason Week Two


Not a bad way to begin matters, eh? Last Saturday went very smoothly. One down and we own a 1.000 winning percentage. Oh yeah, and the Seahawks dismantled the Titans of Tennessee, 27-17. I ceded to...

NFL Odds, Preseason Week 1: Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks


I don't care much for the preseason. There, got it out of my system. I used to care, a lot.

NFL Odds: A Super Bowl XLVII Tip


I make Matt Millen right. Walter Cherepinsky will be mad. Not just mad. Really mad. Really, really mad. I'm well versed in recognising the special love that ol' Walt reserves for Millen, but on...

NFL Odds: Over/Under on Win Total for Seahawks Set At 7


So, are the oddsmakers in Vegas joining us in sensing a challenge to San Francisco (at the very least) this year? Not on your Nelly and in the view of two sportsbooks we're not even poised for a...

NFL Odds: On Early Point Spreads & the Intangible


Following last week's introduction from Danny to my contribution to this website, and subsequent posting of the spread/line available for each Seahawks game (barring Week 17) for the forthcoming...

NFL Odds: The First Spread On Each Seahawks Game in 2012


How long until the football season begins?

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