NFL Picks

NFL Picks, Week 16: The quick and dirty breakdown


I've been blessed this week with the miracle that is forming stones in your kidneys, so this is going to be super quick.

Whats football good for? Simple...


Football is good for three things: Enjoying food with pals, finding things to hate that aren't your coworkers, and celebrating Superbowls. I can't do that third thing, so I do a whole hell of a lot...

NFL Picks, Week 14: The Seahawks are the best


Like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, USA the Seahawks just want to dance. Read on as I pick their matchup with the Forty-Whiners, and all the other NFL contests of this weekend!

Thanksgiving NFL Picks


Prepare yourselves for floats, turkey, floats and floats! Oh, and some picks.

Gut check picks for Week 12


With our beloved Seahawks on a bye this weekend, there should be plenty of time for you to ponder these picks.

NFL Picks, Week 11: The quick and dirty


Worried about time this morning? Luke won't hold you up for long, he's cutting straight to the chase this week. They're coming so fast you might miss 'em!

NFL Picks, Week 10: Pick 'em problems


Week ten of the NFL season brings you 14 contests, not one of which has an even line. To those of you who use these picks on a weekly basis, that could very well be a good thing.

NFL Picks, Week 9: Ghouls with a side of chow mein


It's All Hallows' Eve everyone, and I'm here to replace your trick or treat with some pick or treat...

NFL Picks, Week 8: It's Date Night!


Luke's taking a look at this week's matchups, picking winners, and shoveling out his opinion on point spreads too. Get out the pen and paper!

NFL Picks, Week 7: You know you want this noise


Luke is back with picks for Week 7 after a 9-6 performance last weekend. Get up to date with all the "in's and out's" &"what have you's" for this weekend.


NFL Picks, Week 6: Redemption in Raincity


Bruised and battered, can I find my way back onto the podium after what was easily my worst weekend of the young season?

NFL Picks, Week 5: Following a legend


You wanna talk about tough acts to follow guys? Let's talk about tough acts to follow.

Jacson's Winners: Week 3 NFL Picks


After going 13-3 in Week 2, Jacson is back to help you win your pick 'em pools with his Week 3 NFL picks.

Jacson's Winners: Week 2


After a less than arousing 9-7 start, Jacson is back with his Week 2 NFL picks.

Jacson's Week 1 Winners


After finishing with more correct picks than Vegas each of the last two years, Jacson is back to help you win your office pick 'em pools with his Week 1 Winners.

Jacson's Week 1 Winners: Thursday Night Football


After predicting more games correctly than the Vegas sharps in Vegas in each of the last two years, Jacson is back to give you the picks you need to win your pick 'em pool.

NFL Picks, Week 17: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


Entering the final week of the season, Jacson's Winners have been correct 160 times against just 79 losses, meaning he's been good for two wins out of every three games -- adding up to an aggregate...

NFL Picks, Week 14: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


After a seemingly dismissible 9-7 week, Jacson's Winners have extended their lead over Vegas to eight wins, and remain in the top percentile globally. His Week 14 picks are below.

UPDATED Wk 12 Picks: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


After an 11-3 week and a 2-1 Thanksgiving, Jacson's picks are now 109-52 on the season. The rest of picks for this weekend are here:

NFL Picks, Week 10: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


10-4 last week, 87-44 overall, and still seven games ahead of Vegas, Jacson is here to give you his NFL picks for Week 10.

NFL Picks, Week 7: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


Jacson's picks remain in the top 0.5% worldwide and are now a staggering seven games ahead of Las Vegas.

NFL Picks, Week Five: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


After a 12-3 week, Jacson's winners are three games better than Las Vegas' picks and are better than 97.4% of the world. Click here to get his Week 5 picks!

Jacson's Back With His Week 4 Winners


The entire gambling community is rebounding from an insane week of NFL football, perhaps the craziest that Jacson has ever seen. Still, he moves intrepidly forward with his Week 4 winners.

NFL Picks, Week 1: Jacson's Straight Up Winners


Fresh off of his stellar performance last season, Jacson returns with his first edition of "Winners".

NFL Picks, Week 17: Jacson's Winners (Better Than Vegas?)


Vegas is 163-77 in picking the winners of NFL games this season. Jacson is 165-75.

NFL Picks, Week 16: Jacson's Winners (In Three Sentences Or Less)


With 153 correct picks on the year, we're now in the top 0.8% worldwide. The money train keeps rolling.

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