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Richard Sherman story grabs America's attention after NFC Championship | The MMQB with Peter King
Flying home from Denver on Monday, I was fascinated at the burgeoning controversy of the Richard Sherman story. I wondered why it got so big, and why America was so magnetized and polarized by it. I will get to that in a moment, but first, a measure of your fascination with the story.

A different blueprint | National Football Post
The Seattle Seahawks are headed to the Super Bowl with a roster full of players who were at one time overlooked.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Conference Championship Quick Reads
So here we are, with just one game left in the season. At this point, an extended essay on individual statistics from this Sunday's games seems a little silly. Anyone reading this watched the championship games, they don't need me to tell them that Peyton Manning was a star (again) or that Colin Kaepernick had a fourth-quarter meltdown.

Richard Sherman is unafraid and unchanged - NBC Sports | NBC Sports
Today’s special is Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. He is available in three sizes -- admirable, repellent and fascinating, and they all come with the platinum volume knob, standard, that goes all the way to 11.

Richard Sherman lives 'on the edge,' says Stanford's David Shaw - San Jose Mercury News
"That's Richard," said Stanford coach David Shaw. "It was in the moment."

Richard Sherman, athletes and emotion: where do we draw the line? - Pounding The Rock
Prompted by the post-game interview with Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman, sport media began the firestorm against the athletes. Was his "rant" all about passion, desire and hunger, or was it an outburst from a selfish athlete?

The tone of Richard Sherman's defense has been odd. | : Tomas Rios Article
The video doesn't lie. There he was, like some crazed hellfire and brimstone preacher forever screeching at everyone and no one all at once, his eyes perpetually bulging under the strain of a roiling mania that would send most anyone's nerves into a confused frenzy of fight-or-flight signals. Sure, it happened during Sunday's NFC Championship Game and we should all know better than to demand Victorian decorum from sports, but this touched a different vein. It was all plain as day and made its own argument: San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is a classless thug. A classless thug in "hip-hop" style saggy pants.

Super Bowl XLVIII - Ranking every player for Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos - ESPN
There wasn't much debate at the very top when ESPN Insider's NFL scout Matt Williamson and Insider Mike Sando ranked all 106 players headed to the Super Bowl.

Russell Wilson quickly becoming a Seattle icon with Super Bowl 48 run | The MMQB with Peter King
Starbucks. The Space Needle. Ken Griffey Jr. Russell Wilson. Yes, the Seahawks' second-year QB is already rising to that level of fame and adoration in Seattle. Winning early and often helps, of course, but it runs deeper than that. We tried to learn more about the love affair

Top Photo Promo -
Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman hoists the NFC Championship trophy after the Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, January 19, 2014. | Photo by Joshua Trujillo,

Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson matchup in Super Bowl XLVIII holds much intrigue - NFL - Don Banks -
Delving into the intriguing matchup of quarterbacks in Super Bowl XLVIII ...

Larry Stone: A raw, real moment from Richard Sherman | NFL Football | The News Tribune
In a forum normally reserved for banality, Richard Sherman unleashed a lightning bolt of honesty, audacity and controversy.

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman delivers referendum on sportsmanship, race, personal values | Larry Stone | The Seattle Times
Richard Sherman’s rant was misplaced and over the top, but it was raw and real. And so was much of the reaction his comments have drawn.

Niners haven’t heard from NFL yet about hit on Jeremy Lane | ProFootballTalk
"We have not been contacted by the League on this matter, but will cooperate fully with any questions they may have," 49ers spokesman Bob Lange told PFT.

Going Richard Sherman on the Oregonian | Blog | The City of Portland, Oregon
And don't think for a minute that anything you write will have any influence on us at all. Lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. COB!

Patrick Hates Aaron Bailey's Incomplete Pass in 1995 AFC Championship Game - YouTube
Even though it was the year before Baltimore (Patrick's favorite team) came into the league, he has always despised the Steelers (He liked the Browns). Especially this play where Colts receiver Aaron Bailey dropped a Hail Mary pass from Jim Harbaugh that sent the Steelers to Super Bowl XXX, in which he was happy they were defeated by Dallas by a score of 27-17. All AFC Championship rights go to NBC.

The Seahawks' Secret Hero Is A Kicker Who Didn't Want To Kick
Lost in all the fuss over Shermaggedon is that Russell Wilson, still a sophomore, has some enormous balls. While Colin Kaepernick fell apart in the fourth, Wilson stepped up, avoiding turnovers and tossing what would be the game-winner, a 35-yard strike to Jermaine Kearse. But it almost didn't happen, and Seattle can thank its kicker for knowing his limits.

Jim Harbaugh: No malice intended in sideline collision | ProFootballTalk
Earlier Tuesday, Mike Florio reported that a 49ers spokesman told him that the NFL has not contacted the team yet regarding an investigation into what happened during a sideline collision between Seahawks player Jeremy Lane and a member of the 49ers organization during the NFC Championship Game.

Richard Sherman, Steve Smith and player personality - Cat Scratch Reader
The league's best tend to be its loudest and that's okay.

Jim Harbaugh’s season-wrap: On a "great year with a capital G," congratulating Seattle, and a nice bit about the Bay Area media | Talking Points
A very interesting 24 minutes from Jim Harbaugh today to wrap up the 49ers’ 2013 season and playoff run/elimination in Seattle.

Breaking Down Russell Wilson's Struggles During the NFC Championship Game | Bleacher Report
attle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson couldn't have expected a better start to his career.

Polar opposites, ‘Thank You’ Bill Belichick & a note on Sherman | Seahawks Draft Blog
There’s a real contrast in how these two Super Bowl teams were created.

Sherman: I’m frustrated my teammates didn’t get enough credit | ProFootballTalk
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says there’s too bright a spotlight on himself, and not enough credit is given to the rest of the Seahawks.

Super Bowl XLVIII Facts to Start With | Fanspeak NFL Blog
Super Bowl XLVIII is set to kick off in 12 days and there will be plenty to write about in the 11 days leading up to kickoff. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were the No.1 seeds in their respective conferences heading into the playoffs and did not let home field advantage slip away. Both won their conferences title games on Sunday.

Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril apply the heat on the cheap
The Seattle Seahawks targeted defensive ends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett before free agency began in March, but they figured the price would be too high.

Young deaf fan's letter to deaf NFL player is the best thing you'll read today | FOX Sports on MSN
st week we brought you the story about the inspirational commercial featuring Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman.

Richard Sherman: 'I should not have attacked another person' -
Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman says he regrets the nature of his postgame comments after the Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday's NFC Championship game, remarks that sparked Twitter outrage that touched on race and sportsmanship.

Super dream: Seahawks QB Peyton Manning | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The Seahawks courted Peyton Manning, who signed with the Denver Broncos, and drafted Russell Wilson. But what if Manning had ended up in Seattle?

Richard Sherman's father: Seahawks star "misunderstood" - CBS News
Nearly two days after helping lead the Seattle Seahawks earn a spot in the Super Bowl, cornerback Richard Sherman remains the story in sports, after showing no lack of self-confidence on or off the field. Some are calling the player a sore winner.

Peyton Manning skipped Seahawks meeting during free agent tour - NY Daily News
Pete Carroll and Seahawks brass tried to court Manning, but were never really in play before he picked the Denver Broncos.

2013 NFL playoffs -- Three Seattle Seahawks players rank among NFL's top 10 best selling jerseys - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks not only have risen to prominence on the field, they've also achieved relevancy off of it.

Sherman is a better man than what you see - Seattle Seahawks Blog - ESPN
Richard Sherman isn't who you think he is.

Stock indicator says root for Seahawks in Super Bowl
When it comes to dollars and investing sense, Wall Street will likely be rooting for the defensive-minded Seattle Seahawks to beat passer extraordinaire Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Tuesday in Hawkville: Seahawks will be on familiar turf for Super Bowl
When the Seahawks played the Giants last month, they stayed in the same hotel they’ll call home next week and played in the same stadium where they’ll meet the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Ask the 12th Man: Seahawks ready to win it all | Local News | The Seattle Times
Seahawks fans say both the team and the community will enter this year’s Super Bowl with more confidence than in 2006, when Seattle’s first shot at a Super Bowl title proved a dismal disappointment.

Up next: Denver Broncos
This season’s Super Bowl will feature the NFL’s most-prolific offense (Broncos) and the league’s stingiest defense (Seahawks), and be played in the elements at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Relive the NFC Championship
It was a day of celebration at CenturyLink Field, relive the Seahawks NFC Championship victory over the 49ers in high speed.

Upon Further Review: Seahawks-49ers -
A few things that stood out after re-watching the Seahawks' win over San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game:

Hawk Talk highlights: Richard Sherman's personality -
Richard Sherman is still squarely in the spotlight two days after the cornerback's emotional postgame interview took much of the attention away from the Seahawks advancing to the Super Bowl.

Richard Sherman's parents defend their son in wake of NFC Championship controversy -
Sherman, a 4.0 student at Compton's Dominguez High School, still returns to speak with students. He was also an Academic All-American at Stanford.

Super Bowl stats: Seahawks-Broncos by the numbers -
Looking ahead to some matchups and storylines ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seahawks and Broncos with the help of ESPN Stats & Info:

Links at night: Getting to know the Broncos | Sportspress Northwest
The Broncos rolled through the regular season with a 13-3 mark while setting NFL single-season records for passing yards, touchdowns and points.

Richard Sherman apologizes for controversial comments | - Sports
RENTON — Richard Sherman isn't going to change, and Pete Carroll doesn't want him to change.But a day after the Seattle cornerback overshadowed ...

Seahawks' Harvin expected back on Wednesday | - Sports
RENTON — When the Seattle Seahawks return to practice Wednesday in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII, they’ll do so with a pretty healthy ...

Seahawks' Sherman is not a thug. Stop calling him one | - Sports
There was a moment in the NFL version of the Hatfields and McCoys that could have ended the blood feud. It came at the end of the game Sunday, after Seattle's Richard Sherman batted a pass intended for San Francisco 49er Michael Crabtree into the arms of a teammate, causing an interception that would seal the victory for the Seahawks, sending them to the Super Bowl.

Is the Legion of Boom Built to Shut Down Peyton Manning's Passing Attack? | Bleacher Report
AP Images With dynamic players and endless storylines, Super Bowl XLVIII is already shaping up to be one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory. Both teams were No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences, both teams finished with 13-3 regular-season records, and both teams are making their first Super Bowl trips under head coaches Pete Carroll and John Fox.

Jerry Rice laughs off Richard Sherman-Crabtree feud -
Richard Sherman's postgame lambasting of Michael Crabtree sent the entire NFL community into a tizzy.

Browns to interview Mike Pettine, Dan Quinn again -
Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and Bills defensive chief Mike Pettine earned second interviews with the Browns this week for the team's head coaching job, Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday.

Report: Good 2nd interview could land Mike Pettine Browns job -
If Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's second interview with the Browns goes well Tuesday, the team could move quickly to name him their next head coach, according to a report.

Harbaugh praises Kaepernick’s performance despite three straight turnovers | ProFootballTalk
The San Francisco 49ers had three drives to retake the lead against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game Sunday night. Colin Kaepernick had three chances to lead the 49ers to points that would send San Francisco to their second straight Super Bowl appearance.

The 2013 Playoffs Were Not Very Random
In September 2012, Neil wrote that the NFL playoffs had become more random. And that was three months before Joe Flacco turned into Joe Montana. This year, however, feels like one of the least random playoffs in recent memory. And there’s a good reason for that: it is.

NFL Playoff Stock Watch «
It’s important to play well in the NFL playoffs, but not entirely for the reasons you might expect. Winning a title is every player’s dream and playing your best in the postseason is the easiest way to do so, but there’s more to it than that. Playing well in January means you’re performing against the league’s toughest competition during the one time of year when most of the league is actually watching. It’s the last live tape most personnel departments will keep in their minds before free agency — and offseason extensions — begin. In terms of creating a market for yourself and increasing the value of your next contract, an excellent postseason can be enormous. That’s why it’s time to break out the ol’ Playoff Stock Watch to see how players are seeing their value shift around the league during the 2013 postseason, and what that means for their next contract.

Risky Business | The Tailgater
In 2002, David Carr was the first selection in the NFL draft. Despite lasting more than a decade in the league, many consider him to be a bust because he bounced around the league, primarily as a backup following his time with the Texans. With his brother Derek likely to be a first-round pick in the 2014 draft, the question is whether Derek has learned from some of his brother’s mistakes or if he will follow the same path. Speaking to a number of NFL scouts, the opinions are split as to whether Derek has learned those lessons.

Russ Lande’s Senior Bowl Notebook: Day 2 | The Tailgater
Former NFL scout and national draft expert Russ Lande will be providing NFL draft insights at Sports on Earth throughout the offseason. Here are his notes after two days of Senior Bowl practices.

2014 Senior Bowl weigh-in results | National Football Post
College football's top all-star game gets underway Monday in Mobile, Alabama.

Logan Thomas hits the classroom to ready for Senior Bowl week -
Va. Tech QB Logan Thomas had an up and down career with the Hokies, but the towering quarterback is ready to show NFL scouts he's still developing into someone worth keeping an eye on.

The Closest Thing to Being at the Senior Bowl: Day One Notes | The Sideline View
Editor's Note: John Harris and Lance Zierlein are covering the Senior Bowl from the ground in Mobile, Ala. Check back daily as new reports and position breakdowns will be going up.

Senior Bowl Buzz: Tuesday
The second full day of practice is compete and there are plenty of NFL people and Senior Bowl players hanging around the hotel. Here is the latest buzz swirling around.

Senior Bowl: South Team Practice Page
Observations and a breakdown of the three days of Senior Bowl practice from the South team at the Senior Bowl.

Sr. Bowl WR Technique Roundtable | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Five Senior Bowl wide receivers talked with Matt Waldman and provided helpful tips behind the techniques of playing their position.

Reese’s Senior Bowl Report Day 2: North-South Offense Notes | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Today’s practice report will have a stream of conscious format minus my id. I wouldn’t do that to you.

Jene Bramel’s Day 2 Defensive Practice Reports | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Starring “Zach Thomas” and “The Maniac” headlining a dozen notable players catching Bramel’s eye.

2014 Senior Bowl: Defenders Ford, Watkins shine on Tuesday -
Auburn pass rusher Dee Ford and Florida defensive back Jaylen Watkins have impressed this week, including positive performances during Tuesday's South practice

Senior Bowl Day 2 Notebook | Detroit Lions Draft
With pads popping and the wind blowing many prospect stated their cases while some others had a day to forget. The big boys in the trenches got more live reps and most had back and forth battles all day long.

2014 Senior Bowl: Tuesday South Practice Notes
It was a fully padded practice day today, so it was a chance to see more full contact along with see the linemen work at 100% throughout practice.

2014 Senior Bowl: UVA's Moses parts the red D at South practice -
Given the rapid ascension enjoyed by Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson at the Senior Bowl a year ago, one can't blame scouts for spending a lot of their time evaluating offensive linemen this week.

Lance Zierlein's Notes from the Senior Bowl: Days One and Two | The Sideline View
G Cyril Richardson, Baylor - Continued to struggle with his balance. When Richardson was asked to use power, he wins. But, his lateral quickness has been exposed as a weakness. He’s definitely lost the leverage battle against 6’ Pitt DT Aaron Donald. He clearly matches up better against power players like Penn State DT DaQuan Jones.

NFL draft trade talk already starting at Senior Bowl | National Football Post
With so many underclassmen available, teams are looking to nab second- and third-round picks

2014 Senior Bowl: Trio of lineman highlight physical North team practice -
Donald's burst makes him a terror during individual pass-rush drills but at a shade under 6-foot-1 and 288 pounds, he projects best as a pass-rush specialist three-technique defensive tackle in the 4-3 alignment. A team in need of an interior pass rusher certainly could justify selecting him in the first round because Donald could emerge as a 8-10 sack threat in the NFL but he'll almost certainly be doing so as a rotational player -- which not every team in the league is comfortable to dedicating a first round pick towards.

Senior Bowl 2014: Notes, winners from Monday's practice - Cincy Jungle
Taking a look at reactions and analysis from Monday's Senior Bowl practices.

Senior Bowl Day 1 practice report -
Seantrel Henderson of Miami and Pittsburgh's Aaron Donald stood out for the North team while Texas wide receiver Mike Davis impressed for the South.

Senior Bowl Day 1 practice report -
Seantrel Henderson of Miami and Pittsburgh's Aaron Donald stood out for the North team while Texas wide receiver Mike Davis impressed for the South.

Shows - The Double S Xpress
On the Double Show #36 - Big Time Guests Mike Ferreri of KOMO-TV in Seattle, & ESPN's Kenny Mayne!

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