Dan Quinn breaks down bright spots on defense, projects impact players

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn joined the Dave Mahler show yesterday and he also spoke to the media briefly on Monday. Here are a few bullet points of some of the things he touched on.

-- Quinn really likes working on handfighting with his defensive linemen -- they set aside a good amount of time to practice this. Their get-off, their feet, and their hands are the big things they focus on.

-- Quinn talks about Jesse Williams, Jordan Hill, Benson Mayowa, and Greg Scruggs as guys that he's very anxious to see in action.

-- Quinn reiterated that Bruce Irvin's role is at SAM linebacker on base downs (1st and 2nd down) and then a defensive end pass rusher on 3rd downs. This allows the team to get Irvin on the field more and utilizes his athleticism in different ways.

-- Quinn on LB Korey Toomer: really good quickness. This shows up at SAM linebacker when he's buzzing to the flats, and shows up when he's blitzing. Really stands out to him.

-- Quinn constantly talks about the ability to play multiple spots. Deshawn Shead, Terrance Parks, Jesse Williams, Greg Scruggs, Tony McDaniel, etc. The team really values this ability -- makes for more insurance at every spot, and gives them more flexibility roster wise and scheme wise.

-- Dion Bailey has caught Quinn's eye for the backup free safety spot. Terrance Parks is playing fast, can play two positions, and has shown a lot of hunger and hard work, which the team obviously likes.

-- Quinn talks up Tharold Simon, noting that the team knew he had the size and speed that they liked, but that he's been putting those attributes to good use on the practice field. Getting Tharold back has been like 'getting an extra draft pick this year' because of his 'redshirt' rookie year.

-- Quinn notes that Jesse Williams is lighter this year than last year. He definitely looks more well proportioned (my words), and taking a little weight off should help with his knee long term. Quinn noted that they like Williams' versatility, and when combined with Tony McDaniel, the team can 'get big' when they need to.

-- On Jackson Jeffcoat: Good get-off, good speed to use his length. He's jumped out as a pass rusher, and is right in there with Schofield, Mayowa, etc.


Listen in:

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Dan Quinn OTA Press Conference

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talks with the media as his defense enters the final week of OTAS.

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