2013 Seahawks May Rookie Mini-Camp cheatsheet


The Seahawks held an impressive rookie mini-camp in 2012. Russell Wilson took virtually every snap, and Pete Carroll was so dazzled that he thrust Russell right into the QB competition mix as a rookie.

There will likely not be anything close to that, in a historic sense, at this year's rookie mini-camp, but there could be some cool football developments. Attached is an age chart and height/weight/speed for the known rookies descending onto the shores of the VMAC this sunny weekend.




Ayo Idowu, a tryout at DE/OLB mentions, in a news article in his college hometown, that he is under the impression that the Seahawks will sign an additional 7-8 players after this rookie mini-camp is done.

I have 39 players on the cheatsheet, and I am sure there are other players that will appear this week. A few thoughts:

(A) The Seahawks are throwing a lot of numbers toward the LB position. They have three LBs already signed - Craig Wilkins, John Lotulelei and Ramon Buchanan. They also have three more LBs trying out this weekend - Akeem Davis, Jaydan Bird and Johnathon Sharpe.

(B) Seattle has four tryout safeties - Jajuan Harley, Drew McAllister, Preston Hadley, and Jim Noel, as well as signed UDFA, Ray Polk.

(C) The Seahawks are trying out three undersized slot WR who can return kicks - Austin Coleman, Arceto Clark, and Justin Veltung. All three are below 190 lbs, shorter than 5-11, and have a 3-cone time under 7.0 seconds.

(D) Surprisingly, the Seahawks have only one known CB trying out, O'Hara Fluellen from Lincoln. Fluellen is 5111, 193, with a 4.50 forty and a 6.96 cone- I wonder if the Seahawks project him toward the nickel.

(E) It was hard to find real numbers on DE Ayo Idowu, but it looks like he is about 6-2 and 260 pounds. He comes from a Div. III school, so the Seahawks were crawling under every rock to find this guy. (you can check him out on YouTube here).

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