The Numbers Game

Projecting the Seahawks' offensive salary cap 2014

Looking forward to some of the decisions this front office must make on offense.

Intro to the Seahawks' 2014 Roster & Salary Cap

The Seattle Seahawks' season is not over. It may not end for several more weeks - more specifically, just under a month with a win in New York, hopefully - but if you know me, you know I'm always thinking long-term.


How much better can Russell Wilson get?

If there's one disadvantage of Russell Wilson’s success this season, it's that no one wants to have the Luck/RG3/Wilson debate with me any more.


I get older, they stay the same age

Throughout the different eras in football, there have been various moments of serendipity where the right innovators found themselves in the right place at the right time, matched with the right owners and the right talent.

Integrating scouting & player development

The Seahawks' defense took over the #1 spot in scoring defense this past week with their shutout of the New York Giants, now holding opponents to an average of 14.6 points per game.


Time Management 101

Many blamed Pete Carroll for the loss with the argument that had he called the final two timeouts differently or allowed the 49ers a touchdown, he would have given his offense a better chance to reclaim the lead. I explore.

Washington Apple Turnovers

If there's a trend to playoff success, we can probably boil it down to one stat and it's not homefield advantage. But sometimes playing at home can really boost your likelihood of following that trend.

Here comes the boom, ready or not

We know the Seahawks bread and butter is maximizing the explosive play. How explosive are their Week 13 opponent, the Saints?

Playoff Seeds and Championships

The pundits are cringing at the likelihood the Seahawks winning the top seed in the NFC. Desperately looking for any rationale to dismiss Seattle's chances.

A few thoughts on the Seahawks during the bye

Analyzing home field advantage, looking at some Pythagorean winning percentages, and the Seahawks' record in close games. A mixed bag to help fans through the bye.

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