Seahawk History

Alex Gibbs Teaches the Zone Blocking Scheme

Do you have the next six or ten hours free? Settle in and watch Alex Gibbs explain Zone Blocking, and major kudos to the first person that actually does this.

Seahawks Legends: RB Curt Warner

Looking back

From the Archives: The 1976 Seahawks

Apparently, being an expansion team is tough. A look at a few of the Seahawks' games from their first year in the NFL.

The 1977 Seahawks Season Retrospective

I'd love to tell you all about the 1977 season but my parents hadn't even yet been introduced to each other at that point. Even if I had been born a few years earlier, spending my first couple of...

Seahawks Memory Lane: More on the 1983 Season

I've embedded NFL Films' always excellent production for the Seahawks 1983 season.

Friday Night Trip Down Memory Lane: Seahawks & Raiders Season Finale, 1988

Welp, whilst scouring the interwebs for anything even remotely related to the Seahawks, I came across this gem. December 18th, 1998. The season finale for the Seahawks and Raiders, playoff implications galore - titled "Win and You're In."

A Saturday Night Trip Down Memory Lane: Mike Holmgren, Mic'd Up Over the Years

Mike Holmgren has come and gone from Seattle but will always be a big part of the Seahawks organization for his stewardship of the team from 1999-2008. He's in Cleveland now, trying to do what he...

NFL Films Game of the Week: 2003 Seahawks at 49ers

December 27th, 2003. Week 17. Seahawks in a must-win situation at 9-6, on the brink of playoff elimination. Matched up against everyone's favorites, the San Francisco 49ers. Here's a little...

The Seattle Seahawks' 2009 Season, from NFL Films

Looking at the 2009 Seahawks season...

1983: The Sledgehammer to the Foundation

I put on my time travel cap and thought of the most famous comeback drive in history for the Seahawks. You older 12th men and women may know where I'm going here, but before I reveal it, a little back story.

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