Seahawks' P Jon Ryan on Field Gulls Radio: Get your questions in

We go deep tonight, launching a probe into the "Canadian blood theory" with the man of the maple leaf, Jon Ryan. This won't be your normal interview, we will pull absolutely no punches tonight. The truth will come out.

Tonight, Field Gulls Radio will interview Seahawks' punter Jon Ryan, so buckle up, because we'll be using this opportunity to find the truth in everything that we can...

Who goes back for seconds in the cafeteria? Who is your favorite punter? Are you a dual citizen? How hard was the test to get US citizenship really? What's Canada like? What was it like to play William Wallace's best friend in Braveheart?



While it may be rare for we here at Field Gulls Radio to get the chance to show off our true investigative prowess, we're just going to have fun with it instead. I mean, it's the offseason... the Seahawks are losing players left and right. Even Paul Mcquistan left, guys. PAUL MCQUISTAN. We want to have some fun with Jon, and I've got word he's not a super serious guy so it should go over well.

Send us your questions via our Facebook page, Twitter account, or the comments of this article. Make sure to leave your name (if you'd like) as we'll be properly crediting the contributors of all questions.

The interview will not air live, but the questions will be asked and the facts will be uncovered; we'll publish the full interview with all the revelations later this week.

Thank you for your efforts, and continued pursuit of journalistic integrity!

-Love, Field Gulls Radio

I'm Luke Wehrheim. FieldGulls Radio is hosted by myself and a good friend of mine, Patton Richard. We do what we can to gather the most kick ass, relevant guests we can find on a weekly basis. Our call screener Corax works very hard to make sure no 49ers fans make it on the air. This show is no joke folks. Make sure you're following us both so you can join in the conversation throughout the week. Follow the show on twitter as well so you'll always have the inside scoop on who's appearing on the show this week.
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