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A Brief Vacation


I don't know how this slipped my mind until now; I guess I've just been crazy busy, but I'm going to take the next 5 days off because, well, because I'm getting married tomorrow. I'll eventually...

Gameday: Press Coverage


Today's Veterans Day, the date that marked the end of Word War 1. I figure the end of a great war is about as unambiguously good a thing as can be known, so let's rejoice. I'm an odd fellow, with...

Community Scouting: Jonathan Stewart


Jeff Eager sent me this scouting tidbit after watching Stewart and the Ducks face USC last week. Jonathan Stewart made a phenomenal catch over the middle in last Saturday's game against USC....

Talkin' Hawks at KSTW


Reciprocity may be the origin of all society--I think I learned that in an anthropology class at some point. I'm talking Seahawks over at, I don't get KSTW but do get the Portland...

State of the Blog


I know those four words rarely mean anything good, but that's not the case today. Actually, I just wanted to solicit readers' opinions about what they like, what they don't like and what they'd...

Get Out Your Hankies: An Administrative Announcement


Dear Gulls,This is one of those administrative announcements that really doesn't portend any gigantic changes to your lives but nonetheless feels like something I should say to the general public...

Community Projections Open Thread


The idea of doing community projections was brought up a few months back, February I believe. With little else happening in Seahawks land, I thought we could finalize how we are going to do this...

Happy Anniversary, Us.


We're one year old in human years. In blog years, that equals thirty, and we can fast-track the application process for the AARP.Thank all of you for the support and the flowers.

Preliminary One-Year Anniversary Trial RSVP


A'ight, Gullers, if I ain't writin' too much for this blasted place lately (that will change, however), I'm at least doin' some killer social organizin'.A local joint has been put on notice that...

Off-Season Brainstorming


I'm starting to think about next season and some of the stuff that I would like to do around here and would like to hear some feedback/ideas.Shrug mentioned the one year anniversary of Field Gulls,...

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