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Thank God It's TGIF! (Field Gulls Update Edition)

Talk about the perfect storm of Fridays. The last day of the week before a 3-day weekend. Seahawks and Raiders play the only game in the NFL tonight. Tomorrow is first day of college football....

The Free SB Nation iPhone App Is Here. Booyah.

The Free SB Nation iPhone App Is Here

Allow Myself to Introduce.... Myself. Again.

I've been writing and managing Field Gulls for about five months now and when I started the NFL had just gone into offseason hibernation. The normal offseason slumber turned into a full-on coma due...

The Field Gulls Facebook Page

Field Gulls now has a Facebook Page. Go "Like" it.

Allow Myself to Introduce... Myself

My name's Dan but I'm currently in the process of changing my name to Danny because I think it's funny for an adult to change their name for no apparent reason. It's very difficult to actually get...

Needless Negativity, Bitterness and In-fighting

This is a blog wide warning. If you, 1. Say the season is over. 2. Complain about Seattle not getting respect, or getting screwed by the officials. or 3. Sic yourself on a fellow user. You...

Thank You All

Field Gulls won Football Outsiders "favorite team-specific website or blog" and I credit it all to you. Thanks everyone for voting for this site and being just awesome readers, posters and...

A Brief Vacation

I don't know how this slipped my mind until now; I guess I've just been crazy busy, but I'm going to take the next 5 days off because, well, because I'm getting married tomorrow. I'll eventually...

Gameday: Press Coverage

Today's Veterans Day, the date that marked the end of Word War 1. I figure the end of a great war is about as unambiguously good a thing as can be known, so let's rejoice. I'm an odd fellow, with...

Community Scouting: Jonathan Stewart

Jeff Eager sent me this scouting tidbit after watching Stewart and the Ducks face USC last week. Jonathan Stewart made a phenomenal catch over the middle in last Saturday's game against USC....

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