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Football Explained: Safety


With this post I wrap the position portion of Football Explained. Yes, we only covered the defense—the standard 4-3 defense, but I have much planned between now and the full press Hawks coverage...

Football Explained: Cornerback


Cornerback is the most technically demanding and acutely unforgiving position on the defense. A rookie corner must adjust to more complicated offenses, more skilled route runners, and tighter, more...

Football Explained: Baiting The Fullback


I'm taking the weekend off as Sunday's my wife's birthday and Monday she leaves for California. Before I claw my eyes desperately fending accursed natural light, I want to share this very cool...

Football Explained: Seahawks 4-3 Explained (Play 2)


0:39 remaining in the 1st quarter Seahawks up 10-0 Arizona ball, 1st and 10 The Cardinals are in a run formation. Offset I left, tight end left, 2 wide receivers (not pictured.)...

Football Explained: Seahawks 4-3 Explained (Play 1)


9:28 remaining in the 4th quarter Seahawks down 21-0 Pittsburgh ball, 1st and 10 The Steelers are in a heavy formation: I backs, two tight ends right and a single wide...

Football Explained: Strongside Linebacker


Most of the essential principles that apply to a weakside linebacker apply to a strongside linebacker. The typical difference between the two is that a strongside linebacker is stronger,...

Football Explained: Middle Linebacker


Ever since Sam Huff became the middle linebacker in Tom Landry’s seminal 4-3 defense, the position has enjoyed a unique mystique. Middle linebackers are often known as the quarterback of the...

Football Explained: Weakside Linebacker


In May of 1945, George Orwell wrote a now famous essay entitled Politics and the English Language. In it he argues both for a cleansing of the English language and that much of the needless...

Football Explained: Left Defensive End


Traditionally, the left defensive end is the stouter, less pass rush-oriented compliment to the explosive right defensive end. Despite that, left defensive ends like Patrick Kerney, Julius Peppers,...

Football Explained: Left Defensive Tackle in a 4-3


User dcrockett17 emailed me this handy image: Now we come to my favorite position on the defensive line, the left defensive tackle. Commonly referred to as a "3 technique" defensive tackle, the...

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