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Somebody in Minnesota Claims Alexander Has Lisfranc Injury

I've searched Google News, ESPN and some other place for reports on a rumor coming from a comment on Sando's blog.

This comment was made at "17:59," which I'm assuming means 5:59pm our time. It's currently 10:10pm, or 22:10 to you military time aficionados, and I've found not a single confirmation on any of the internet sources listed.

    Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin. He may be dead, but you still don't wanna mess with him.
? A French-language site that won't be visiting this one.

So take this information extremely lightly. It may just be some joker on sports radio in Minnesota who needed to stir something up on his daypart because the Twins and Vikings are apparently not exciting enough lately.

Apparently somebody claimed KFAN radio in the Twin Cities reported than Shaun Alexander's foot injury, the non-displaced crack in his fourth metatarsal, was in fact the dreaded Lisfranc injury, the same that ended Mike Green's season and is very difficult to recover from.

Why I think this isn't likely at all:

  • Shaun was hopping and waltzing around Kirkland Wednesday, trying to prove he had been healed. If he'd had Lisfranc (or a few dancing lessons), I doubt he would have been doing that.
  • Oh, not only that, I believe at least one of the two MRI's Shaun got this week would have caught the Lisfranc.
  • Perhaps somebody in Minnesota sports talk radio has an obsession with Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin or French medical leaders of the Napoleonic Era in general and mixed up his finely-detailed legal pads with the Seahawks' injury reports.

In spite of there being no other whiffs of confirmation of this rumor anywhere else, I'll continue to monitor the situation, just in case Prairie Home Companion on KFAN got their mitts on some vital injury information that the rest of the known world has not yet seen or acknowledged.