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Our 16-0 Season Runs Into a Complication

Miserable, ugly, terribly unsavory game this evening. But give us a couple weeks to get healthy. This is probably the most welcome Week 5 bye in NFL history, though.

I would like to give you all a little bit of hope. Because I'm all about hope. Here are the worst defeats in Games 1 through 14 for each NFC champion since the year 2000:

2005 Seahawks ? Lost to Jacksonville 26-14 in Game 1
2004 Eagles ? Lost 27-9 to Pittsburgh in Game 8
2003 Panthers ? Lost to Tennessee 37-17 in Game 6
2002 Buccaneers ? Lost to Philadelphia 20-10 in Game 7
2001 Rams ? Lost to Tampa Bay 24-17 in Game 11
2000 Giants ? Lost to St. Louis 38-24 in Game 11
Well, on second thought, that doesn't look terribly hopeful, does it?

(I didn't count Games 15 and 16 because quite often those games are meaningless, like last year's loss to the Packers.)

All I'll say is that the Bears had answers for everything. In fact, they had questions for everything, which the Seahawks could not answer, so the Bears looked up the answers on the internet and answered them themselves. I think I spotted an Encyclopedia Brittanica on the Bears' sideline as well. Also, I think I saw Ken Jennings in the end zone seats. And some guy who looked a lot like Einstein.

I think it's without question the Bears are the best team in the NFC at the moment. With the Bengals losing today and the Colts eking out a win over the Jets, you might have a strong case for the Bears being the best team in the league. They're pretty scary. At the moment.

I'll talk to you all tomorrow. I have another deadline tonight. Read the premature obituary in the Times tomorrow.