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Game Day Open Thread: Week 6 - Seahawks at Rams


at St. Louis

Sunday, October 15, 10:00am PT
Edward Jones Dome

I realize we didn't do a game preview this week, like I had hoped we could do, so I'll try a quick one here:

The Rams are from St. Louis. They used to be from Los Angeles, and Cleveland before that. They have a very nice color scheme with their uniforms. I prefer the sort of dirty gold trim they have now to the rather glaring yellow one they had until recently. They're currently leading our division on percentage because they've played more games than the Seahawks.

The Seahawks are from Seattle, and are the general focus of this site on a fairly consistent basis, although sometimes we post lurid videos and go off on tangents about my offspring and popular music.

I had a "work function" tonight at a speakeasy near Pike Place Market. Excuse my lack of focus. I'll be in the game tomorrow morning. Promise.

I'll be with you throughout the game and hopefully will be more chipper than I was against the Bears. You are encouraged to leave comments both here and on the Turf Show Times blog as well.

Update [2006-10-15 13:1:13 by Shrug]: Jerramy Stevens is listed as "inactive" for this game. This decision was made at the last possible moment.