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Alexander Not Dancing With the Stars For at Least Another 2 Weeks

As philopip diaried, and as All Headline News has confirmed, Coach Holmgren says Shaun Alexander will not be returning to the starting lineup for at least another two weeks.

Although the fracture in his fourth metatarsal has diminished somewhat, the team is taking the conservative approach with his diagnosis. The aim is to make sure the crack is fully healed so as to avoid re-fracturing it in a game situation and sending Shaun into surgery.

If the two-week prognosis holds, Alexander would most likely return against the Raiders on Nov. 6. (Ahem: I called it!! Thank you.)

Incidentally, there is no word on whether Jerramy Stevens will finally make his return to the field next week against Minnesota. He was scheduled to play on Sunday before he worked out in the morning of the game, but reported to Holmgren that his knee felt "a little odd."

Chronic oddness: Get the facts. Ask your doctor.